How do you get from Hong Kong to Sai Kung Island?

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How do you get from Hong Kong to Sai Kung Island?

Take the MTR to Mong Kok Station on the Tseun Wan (Red) Line and proceed Dundas Street where you’ll find a red minibus that will take you straight to Sai Kung.

How do you get from Sai Kung to Central?

The distance between Sai Kung Town and Central is 16 km. The road distance is 23.2 km. How do I travel from Sai Kung Town to Central without a car? The best way to get from Sai Kung Town to Central without a car is to bus which takes 56 min and costs $28 – $32.

Is Sai Kung a city in Hong Kong?

Sai Kung Town (Chinese: 西貢市) or simply Sai Kung (Chinese: 西貢) is a town on Sai Kung Peninsula, facing Sai Kung Hoi (Inner Port Shelter), part of Sai Kung District in the New Territories, Hong Kong.

Is Sai Kung a good place to live?

Sai Kung is one of the most pet-friendly neighbourhoods in Hong Kong, not only because of the large green spaces for your four-legged friends to run about, but also the number of cafes and outdoor restaurants that welcome both you and your pet.

How do I get Sai Kung?

Getting to Sai Kung

  1. Take the MTR to Choi Hung and then change to minibus 1A or bus 92.
  2. From Diamond Hill, you can also take bus 92, as it is the end station.
  3. From Hang Hau take the minibus 101M.
  4. From Mong Kok take the red minibus.

How do I get to Sai Kung from Causeway Bay?

The best way to get from Causeway Bay to Sai Kung Town without a car is to bus which takes 50 min and costs $23. How long does it take to get from Causeway Bay to Sai Kung Town? The bus from Causeway Bay Times Square to Sai Kung Pier takes 50 min including transfers and departs every 20 minutes.

How do you get to Sai Wan rock pools?

How to get there:

  1. Take the MTR to Choi Hung (green line), get out at Exit C and get the 1A Green Minibus to Sai Kung (40 mins)
  2. Take Minibus 29R or a taxi from Sai Kung town (outside McDonalds) and alight at the Sai Wan Pavilion terminal (30 mins)

How spend a day in Sai Kung?

Campsites are scattered all across the island for you to enjoy the Sai Kung outdoors overnight. The most popular and accessible include those at Ham Tin Beach, Tai Long Wan and Long Ke Wan. Spend the day adventuring (hiking, swimming or beach hopping) before watching the sunset outside your tent.

What can we do at Sai Kung?

But now, let’s talk about what’s there to do in Sai Kung.

  • Explore The Town. For first timers.
  • Go to High Island Reservoir East Dam. HK’s largest dam.
  • Discover The UNESCO Global Geopark.
  • Visit Sharp Island.
  • Explore Yim Tin Tsai.
  • Hop Over To Grass Island.
  • Discover Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park.
  • Explore Tai Long Wan.

Is New Territories a city in Hong Kong?

The New Territories is one of the three main regions of Hong Kong, alongside Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. It makes up 86.2% of Hong Kong’s territory, and contains around half of the population of Hong Kong.

Is Causeway Bay a city in Hong Kong?

Causeway Bay is a district of Hong Kong Island, and covering parts of Wan Chai District.

Can I drive to Sai Wan Pavilion?

Sassy Tip: Ubers and other vehicles are not permitted to enter Sai Kung Country Park, so we recommend taking a standard Hong Kong taxi to avoid any issues. When at Sai Wan Pavilion, you will then need to do a short hike (roughly 40 minutes) to get to the beaches of Tai Long Wan.

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