Is Kirito mentioned in Accel World?

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Is Kirito mentioned in Accel World?

Appears In Kazuto Kirigaya (桐ヶ谷和人, Kirigaya Kazuto), in-game name Kirito (キリト, Kirito), originally a Sword Art Online character, appeared in a short story in Accel World Light Novel Volume 10 chapter 3 and Manga Chapter 18 onward to chapter 20 and had a battle with Silver Crow.

Are Accel World and Sao connected?

Sword Art Online and Accel World exist within the same universe but at different times. Similar to Batman Beyond being in the future of Justice League and Batman the Animated Series. The technology in SAO is the first gen version of the tech in Accel World.

Is Kirito the creator of Accel World?

Kirito is the creator of Accel World. Or at least involved with it’s creation. And Brain Burst giving the Linker abilities based off their traumas is connected to Yui, whose original purpose was to help people get over trauma. At the very least he’ll be involved with the Brain Implant Chip development.

Who is the closest to Kirito?

Yuuki Asuna. Asuna is Kirito’s partner and main love interest in the series. Among all the people Kirito has met, she is the closest and dearest to him. Originally the two of them only thought of clearing the game, but their relationship began when they partied on the 1st Floor.

Who is the strongest in SAO?

The 10 Most Powerful Sword Art Online Characters, Ranked

  • 8 Leafa.
  • 7 Sinon.
  • 6 Alice.
  • 5 Oberon.
  • 4 Yui.
  • 3 Asuna.
  • 2 Heathcliff.
  • 1 Kirito.

Who is Kirito son?

Kevin, he’s the son of Kirito and Asuna. Kevin’s main goal is to become the greatest sword fighter there is.

How is Kirigaya Kazuto depicted in Accel World?

In Accel World, he is depicted in his Sword Art Online avatar. The conclusion of the battle was undecided, as he disconnected the moment before either finishing blow could be dealt.

How did Kirito draw dark repulser in Accel World?

After a fierce struggle utilizing sword skills and martial arts, Kirito draws Dark Repulser. During the struggle, he notes the simulated pain is on a level illegal in modern-day VR games. When the battle reaches its climax, Kirito and Silver Crow and both disconnected before a deciding blow can be struck, and both are forced to consider it a draw.

How are Sword Art Online and Accel World related?

The technology in SAO is the first gen version of the tech in Accel World. SAO and AW are related because they have the same author and also in the one chapter of SAO and AW (versus) they meet and duel.

Where does Kirito dive in Sword Art Online?

Kirito dives as his Sword Art Online avatar, equipped with his Blackwrym Coat, as well as Elucidator and Dark Repulser. He finds himself in a barren, dilapidated city not unlike modern Tokyo. He notices Silver Crow and studies him with guarded curiosity. He surmises the setting is a futuristic fighting game and tries to question Silver Crow.

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