Where can I find Jedi robes in Kotor 2?

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Where can I find Jedi robes in Kotor 2?

Jedi Robeedit

World Area Cost
Nar Shaddaa Docks 700
Dxun Mandalorian Ruins 700
Onderon Merchant Quarter 700
Dantooine Enclave Courtyard 980

Where are Revans robes?

Although it is stated that the robes were created by the Star Forge, Revan is shown wearing them on Dantooine, whilst unearthing the Star Map in the ancient ruins there, before he discovered the Star Forge’s location.

Where can I buy QEL droma robes?

Later, during the Jedi Civil War, shortly after slaying the Terentatek that killed Duron Qel-Droma, Revan and his companions found his robes in a cave on Korriban, along with Duron’s skeletal remains.

What are the best robes in Kotor 2?

For me the best armor for Jedi Guardian is Jal Shey Mentor robe/armor, it needs = Armor Proficiency – Light , does not restrict Jedi force powers and its fully upgradable. I usually put +30% Energy Immunity and 3str, 3 cons upg. in it. For pure Melee build, thats focus on str, this is hands down the best in the game.

What’s the max level in Kotor 2?

Although characters can gain maximum level 50, even an extremely thorough player who maximises experience gain is unlikely to gain more than level 30 by the end of the game. Higher levels can only be gained by exploiting various glitches in the game.

Is Revan’s mask mandalorian?

During the early skirmishes of the Mandalorian Wars, this mask belonged to a Mandalorian female. Darth Revan wore the mask up until his capture by the Jedi Order.

Where is Revan’s Mask in Kotor?

Revan’s mask, scarred from the battle on the Foundry, left behind on Yavin 4 after his permanent physical death After Revan’s defeat at the hands of the Sith Emperor, the mask remained the property of the Sith for centuries.

Is Kotor loot random?

Most item drops are completely random so a set of robes may become an implant upon reload, but some crates offer fixed types of loot (particularly Jedi bodies), so these can be worth reloading for.

Is there a max level in Kotor?

The level cap is 20. Your main character will start as either a soldier, scout, or scoundel, and become a jedi shortly after leaving Taris. The game will force your main character to level up to 2 during the tutorial.

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