How can I pass Toefl exam?

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How can I pass Toefl exam?


  1. Memorize common TOEFL vocabulary words.
  2. Choose a passage-reading strategy.
  3. Use context clues in passages to figure out the meanings of unfamiliar words.
  4. Take ample notes on the audio clips.
  5. Pace yourself—spend about 20 minutes on each passage and question set.
  6. Skip difficult questions and return to them later.

How can I prepare myself for Toefl exam?

5 great TOEFL preparation strategies

  1. Become a good note taker: During the TOEFL, you only get to listen to audio clips once.
  2. Take practice tests: When you’re preparing for the TOEFL, you’re almost always aiming for a specific score.
  3. Read every day: Even native English speakers build their vocabularies by reading.

Is TOEFL score 80 easy?

Less than 80: This is generally not a good TOEFL iBT score. If you below on 80 on the TOEFL, it will be hard to get into an English language university, unless you go for conditional acceptance. 90-100: TOEFL scores in this range are perfectly good. At this level, your TOEFL score is good enough for most universities.

Can I prepare for Toefl in 15 days?

Two weeks is just enough time to learn the format of the TOEFL well and take a couple of full practice tests. You can even watch all the lessons and answer most of the questions in Magoosh TOEFL! It will take some hard work to become a TOEFL-taking expert in such a short time, but it’s definitely possible.

Is TOEFL 100 a good score?

A 100 TOEFL score is a fairly competitive score. In regard to English-language ability, a 100 indicates you are great, though not perfect, at English….Graduate Programs You Meet the Minimum TOEFL Score For.

Program Minimum Required TOEFL Score
Stanford — Education PhD 100

Can I prepare for TOEFL in a week?

The following is a one week strategy to score 110+ in TOEFL iBT: Day 1 – Get accustomed to the TOEFL paper pattern. There is nothing more important than understanding exactly what you’re going to see/hear when you take the test. Understand the marking scheme, the question types, and how other people prepared for it.

Who needs to take TOEFL?

Typically, those who take the TOEFL want to attend university or graduate school abroad. But anyone who needs to demonstrate a mastery of English for an academic purpose can take the TOEFL. This includes anyone applying to a foreign high school, exchange program, community college, or for a student visa.

How is TOEFL scored?

The TOEFL iBT is scored on a scale of 0-120. The Reading and Listening sections, in which every question has exactly one correct answer, are scored by computer. The Writing and Speaking sections, on the other hand, have to be scored by hand.

What is TOEFL exam?

Definition: The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an English-language test that measures the ability of the English language at the university level of non-native speakers. The TOEFL exam is approved and recognized by more than 10,000 universities, colleges, and academic organizations across the whole world.

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