Which Stihl Kombi is the best?

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Which Stihl Kombi is the best?

For larger gardens, the KM 94 RC-E is the best choice. This engine also features ErgoStart and our 2-MIX technology, plus it has an ECOSPEED power control too so you can easily control the speed of the engine from the button on the handle.

Is the Kombi system worth it?

In our opinion the KombiSystem and the accessories are well worth the investment. If you’re serious about your lawn and garden the STIHL KombiSystem can do it all. It is the Swiss army knife of lawn equipment.

Is a Stihl FS 56 RC 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

Since it sports a two-cycle engine, it easily doubles as an edger when rotated 90 degrees.

What is a Stihl Kombi engine?

Powerful KombiEngines The KM 90 R / 100 R / 130 R series use the revolutionary STIHL 4-MIX engine which combines the advantages of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, giving high torque, more power and low emissions ideal for when things get tougher.

What is Stihl 4 mix?

Ultimately STIHL 4-MIX combines all the advantages of two different engine principles: two-stroke and four-stroke. Both adopt the commonly described ‘suck, squeeze, bang and blow’ principle or, if you’re more technically minded, induction, compression, ignition and exhaust.

What is the Kombi system?

The Stihl Kombi System is an innovative and expandable tool system for all your yard and maintenance needs. The Combi System consists of a powerful Stihl powerhead unit and a wide range of quickly interchangeable tool attachments.

What does a bed Redefiner do?

A bed redefiner cleans and renews an existing bed border. The latter is not adequate for initial edging and would overwork the equipment. Going deeper into the equipment, we’ll journey through the uses of both pieces of machinery.

What kind of string does a Stihl FS 56 RC take?

It uses dual . 095-inch cutting lines. This Stihl 27.2-cc, gasoline-powered string trimmer has a straight shaft and weighs 12.5 lbs. It uses dual .

Is STIHL Kombi 2-stroke?

The STIHL 2-MIX engine A 2-MIX engine is a 2-stroke engine that replaces the unburned fuel, which would have left via the exhaust during the transfer process, with fresh air. A reasonable fuel saving can also be achieved.

Are STIHL heads interchangeable?

Multiply your productivity and performance with multi-tasking tools from STIHL. These versatile tools feature dependable, hardworking engines and universal power trains that accept a variety of interchangeable attachments.

Is the Stihl kombisystem any good at all?

Cost Breakdown Of The Stihl KombiSystem Compared To Buying Individual Tools Part Model Number Price Motorhead KM 56 RC-E $199.99 Line Head Trimmer Attachment FS KM $99.99 Cultivator (tiller) Attachment BF KM $199.99 Brush Cutter Attachment KM GSB $99.99

Where can I get a Stihl km 56 RC-E?

If you haven’t already, please bring your STIHL KM 56 RC-E into your local STIHL dealer for a proper evaluation. Your STIHL dealer can complete an entire evaluation of the product and repair. If your local STIHL dealer needs any help/guidance they can reach out to their regional tech department.

How big is a Stihl Kombi leaf blower?

Every product in the KombiSystem, with the exception of the leaf blower, is compatible with these attachments. The KM 56 R is the KombiSystem base unit marketed towards home gardeners. The engine powering the 56 R is a single cylinder two-stroke engine with a displacement of 27.2 cubic centimeters rated at 1.1 horsepower.

What are the attachments for the Stihl Kombi?

Stihl Kombi Review. The system is designed to provide an all-in-one replacement for landscaping and yard tools. The attachments in the KombiSystem include hedge trimmers, a leaf blower, lawn edging tools and more. Every product in the KombiSystem, with the exception of the leaf blower, is compatible with these attachments.

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