How much HP does Cobb Stage 1 Add to WRX?

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How much HP does Cobb Stage 1 Add to WRX?

Up to 10% more peak horsepower and torque.

What does a Cobb Stage 1 do?

The COBB Stage 1+Big SF Power Package is a simple bolt-on and tuning solution that will allow you to easily improve the power output of your 2015+ WRX! The heart of this package is the Accessport V3. It also provides increased airflow from the Big SF Intake & Airbox combo.

What is needed for Cobb Stage 1?

Stage 1

  • Intake Requirements: COBB Panel Filter- Optional.
  • Turbo Inlet. Stock turbo inlet hose- Required.
  • Intercooler. Stock intercooler- Required.
  • Cam-Driven Fuel Pump: Stock cam-driven fuel pump- Required.
  • Exhaust Requirements:
  • Downpipe.
  • Boost Targets.
  • All other intake, exhaust, and engine components must be stock.

How can I get better gas mileage in my Subaru WRX?

Keep your tires and wheels properly aligned. This reduces drag and can help to increase your MPG’s. Keep your spark plugs updated to maintain max fuel efficiency. Keep your tires properly inflated – low tires can translate into greater effort for your car, which means more gas consumption.

How much HP does Cobb Stage 2 add?

Stage 2 and Stage2+BigSF produce peak gains of +19%HP / +40% TQ over stock and maximum gains of +110% HP / +110% TQ over stock when using 93 octane fuel. Due to the significant power drop observed at redline on the stock calibration, percent gains are drastically different than previously published.

How much HP does a Cobb tuner add?

COBB shows that Stage 1 adds about 20 hp and 60 lb-ft of torque with just the COBB AccessPort and a panel filter; Stage 2 adds 65 hp and about 75 lb-ft over stock with COBB’s new EcoStang intercooler system and recommended cat-back exhaust; and Stage 3 finds a whopping 81 hp and 80 lb-ft of torque with a required turbo …

How much HP does a Stage 1 tune add?

A stage 1 tune is simply an ECU remap or chip tune. This is the most cost-effective way to modify any vehicle for performance. Turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol vehicles respond extremely well to stage 1 tuning and commonly see a 20 – 40% increase in bhp and torque.

How many miles will a WRX last?

While results will vary and the big variable is always how well the car has been maintained, what I can tell you is a Subaru is capable of going 300,000 miles. And if you are a regular maintenance type of owner you should expect to get that type of mileage out of it.

How much HP is a Stage 2 tune?

The APR Stage 2 ECU Upgrade is the next step towards making more power! This simple upgrade requires an exhaust system and no other engine hardware modifications and produces 372-387 HP with 367-409 FT-LBS of torque.

Can a Cobb AccessPORT be installed on a Subaru WRX?

Although I don’t vape and my hats aren’t flat-brimmed, a Cobb Accessport was the first modification I made to my WRX. A basic Stage 1 tune requires absolutely no physical modifications to the car, so I installed that off-the-shelf tune immediately. Instantly, the car became much easier to drive.

Can a WRX be upgraded to Stage 2?

With the 2015+ Subaru WRX, the stock intake isn’t very restrictive, and while an aftermarket one main give some small gains, it’s small compared to the jump from stock to stage 1, or from stage 1 to stage 2. Some additional tuning is required to keep the car running correctly when installing any intake.

How to update COBB Tuning on Subaru WRX 6MT?

These can be used on cars that either fall short or overshoot target boost, respectively. To access these map files, simply update Accessport Firmware using Accessport Manager (to firmware version or newer) or download them from

What kind of fuel does a Subaru WRX 6MT use?

Map files are available for cars using either 91 or 93 octane fuel. Stage 1 and Stage 1+BigSF map produces peak gains of +14% HP / +13% TQ over stock and maximum gains of +98% HP / +98%TQ over stock when using 93 octane fuel.

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