Why did Basketball Wives get Cancelled?

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Why did Basketball Wives get Cancelled?

Issues with colorism and racism are the main reason why ‘Basketball Wives’ viewership has fallen for Season 9. There’s no argument that issues of colorism and racism have contributed to the show’s fall from its former glory.

What happened to Suzie from Basketball Wives?

Michael Olowokondi and Suzie Ketcham met in college at Pepperdine University, and since then, have shared 2 children, before splitting after 10 years. She now lives in Miami with her children but is out of the media spotlight now.

Who was fired from Basketball Wives?

This week, Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada announced her departure from the show after 9 seasons.

When did Brandi leave Basketball Wives?

Brandi Maxiell joined the series as a friend back in the same season, though she left the show after season six. However, she is allegedly returning to the series for season ten. Additionally, both women starred on the former spin-off series, Basketball Wives LA, as main cast members.

Will Basketball Wives return in 2020?

The series is reportedly bringing back some familiar faces for season 10 following Evelyn Lozada’s departure. Previous Basketball Wives LA cast members Brooke Bailey, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey and Angel Brinks have accepted offers to join season 10 of Basketball Wives, HipHollywood reports.

Why does Basketball Wives only have 7 episodes?

It’s not clear why this season is so short, with a total of only seven episodes, but it was clear COVID-19 impacted the season and the ladies’ ability to film. Episodes featured the women renting a mansion to hash out their issues with one another after an explosive eighth season, that ended with O.G.

Are Angel and draya still friends?

Besides the obvious excitement of designing new pieces, it’s always so exciting seeing the ending result of your pieces on beautiful clients! Since Basketball Wives, Draya and Angel have been friends ever since; supporting each other through their journeys of success.

What is Jennifer from basketball wives net worth?

As of 2021, Jennifer Williams’ net worth is $25 million.

Are Malaysia and Bambi still friends?

Bambi and Scrappy are BFFs with none other than Basketball Wives’ Malaysia Pargo and it looks like she may have just solidified her spot as Breland’s godmother by waiting by Bambi’s side throughout the labor.

Did OG and Kwame have a baby?

He’s never had a child.” Talking about her relationship with the basketball player, OG continued, “For me, I saw a growth in the show, I saw a platform that was there that was offered to me, and, in my opinion, it’s, it’s kind of now was the perfect moment to give people something different.

Will there be a Basketball Wives Reunion 2021?

While Basketball Wives typically has roughly 18 episodes in each season, this time around, it doesn’t even have half the usual number. Ahead of Tuesday night’s episode (March 16th), Evelyn Lozada said there were only two episodes left, and that there will be no reunion.

Are Shaunie and Tami friends?

“I haven’t talked to Shaunie since I left the show. So that’s how I and Shaunie are.” While she might not have a great relationship with some of her former castmates, Roman seems to have found a lasting friendship with Ogom “OG” Chijindu, whom she described as a sister.

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