How old is Demis Roussos?

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How old is Demis Roussos?

68 years (1946–2015)
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Is Demis Roussos still living?

Deceased (1946–2015)
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What nationality is Demis Roussos?

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The singer was born Artemios Ventouris Roussos in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1946, to a Greek father and Egyptian mother of Italian origin. He was raised there until his parents moved to Greece in the early 60s after losing their possessions during the Suez Crisis.

Where is Demis Roussos buried?

First Cemetery of Athens, Athens, Greece
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What killed Demis Roussos?

Pancreatic cancer
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Roussos died in the morning of 25 January 2015, from stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer and liver cancer while hospitalised at Ygeia Hospital in Athens, Greece.

Where is Nana Mouskouri now?

Mouskouri lives in Switzerland with Chapelle, and, until her final performance in 2008, performed hundreds of concerts every year throughout her career.

How many languages did Demis Roussos speak?

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How old was Demis Roussos when died?

How old is Nana Mouskouri today?

86 years (October 13, 1934)
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Nana Mouskouri turns 86. Greek singer Nana Mouskouri celebrates her 86th birthday today. She is sometimes cited as the best-selling female artist of all time having reportedly sold 350 million albums worldwide.

Who did Nana Mouskouri marry?

André Chapellem. 2003
Yorgos Petsilasm. 1961–1975
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Is Nana Mouskouri still married?

Nana Mouskouri has been married twice. She married guitarist George Petsilas, with whom she had two children, namely Nicolas and Hélène. The couple divorced in 1975. She married her second husband, André Chapelle, in 2003.

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