How much is ITF salary?

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How much is ITF salary?

ITF Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $96,500 $8,041
75th Percentile $61,000 $5,083
Average $51,826 $4,318
25th Percentile $29,500 $2,458

How do I apply for ITF?

You can apply for ITF job on the website portal and also get shortlisted. Most importantly, ITF recruitment 2021 application is free. Ensure you take note of this if you wish to apply for any job vacancy in Industrial Training Fund (ITF).

What is the work of ITF?

As part of its responsibilities, the ITF provides Direct Training, Vocational and Apprentice Training, Research and Consultancy Service, Reimbursement of up to 50% Training contribution paid by employers of labour registered with it, and administers the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES).

Where is the headquarters of ITF in Nigeria?

Feedback Form

S/No. Office Contact Address
1 Headquarters Industrial Training Fund, Along Miango Rd., Jos
2 ITF Corporate Office 6, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Maitama

What is ITF Nigeria?

The purpose of the Act was to establish a Fund – The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) – to be utilized to promote and encourage the acquisition of skills in industry or commerce in Nigeria with a view to generating a pool of indigenous trained manpower sufficient to meet the needs of the economy.

How is ITF calculated in Nigeria?

Industrial Training Fund (ITF) contribution. Every employer with at least five employees or an annual turnover of ₦50 million must contribute 1% of its annual payroll cost to the Industrial Training Fund. First-time employers have to register for ITF at the relevant zonal office.

When should I submit my ITF form?

You have to submit this form to ITF area office in two weeks after you start the training.

What is the work of ITF in Nigeria?

What is the full meaning of ITF?

Definition. ITF. International Tennis Federation. ITF. International Transport Workers’ Federation.

What is the rate of Nsitf in Nigeria?

The Act provided for monthly contributions by members at the rate of 6% of basic salary subject to a maximum of N8. 00 per month or a sum total of N96. 00 per annum to be paid in equal proportion by the employer and the employee.

How is NHF calculated in Nigeria?

NHF contributions are applicable to Nigerian employees earning a minimum of NGN 3,000 per annum. The employer is required to deduct 2.5% of basic salary from employees earning more than NGN 3,000 per annum and remit it to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria within one month of deduction.

How do I get my ITF compliance certificate?


  1. Copy of company’s Certificate of Incorporation issued by Corporate Affairs Commission’s.
  2. Certified true copies of the company’s Audited Account.
  3. Copy of the Company’s Tax Clearance.
  4. Payroll.

Where is the ITF Training Center in Lagos?

ITF Isolo Area Office The training center in Lagos Address: 43, Osolo Way, Ajao Estate, Isolo, Lagos, Lagos, Isolo, Lagos. Customer Care: 08034732948. 3. ITF Apapa Area Office District Government Office in Lagos Address: Ashanti Cl, Apapa Quays, Lagos.

When was the Industrial Training Fund ( ITF ) established?

Industrial Training Fund (ITF) has operated conscientiously and consistently within the ambient of operation as provided within the laws Decree 47 of 1971 as Amended in the 2011 ITF ACT. The aim of establishing the Industrial Training Fund has been vigorously and efficaciously pursued.

When is the next date for industrial training in Nigeria?

As part of our given mandate, we design and implement various training programmes at different venues. Please Navigate through the website and download our training Brochure for detail information about our programmes. Date:16th – 20th August, 2021.

What was the purpose of ITF in Nigeria?

ITF was established to promote, accelerate and encourage the acquisition of indigenous skills required in industry and commerce to meet the developmental needs of Nigeria.

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