Who was the first Hispanic female astronaut?

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Who was the first Hispanic female astronaut?

In 1993, Ochoa became the first Hispanic woman in space. Twenty years later, after completing three more missions to space, she became the NASA Johnson Space Center’s first Hispanic director, and only its second female director.

Who was the first Hispanic astronaut chosen from New Mexico?

Ellen Ochoa (1958- ) is a veteran astronaut who was chosen for four space flights and has almost one thousand flight hours to her credit. She was the first Latina selected as an astronaut. She is now director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the second woman to hold the title and the first Latina.

How old is Ellen Ochoa now?

63 years (May 10, 1958)
Ellen Ochoa/Age

Where was ellen Ochoa born?

Los Angeles, California, United States
Ellen Ochoa/Place of birth
PERSONAL DATA: Born May 10, 1958 in Los Angeles, California, but considers La Mesa, California, to be her hometown. She is married to Coe Fulmer Miles of Molalla, Oregon. Dr. Ellen Ochoa is a classical flutist and private pilot, and also enjoys volleyball and bicycling.

How many Hispanic astronauts are there?

List of Hispanic astronauts

# Name Birth date Comment
3 Franklin Chang-Diaz April 5, 1950 First Costa Rican astronaut
4 Sidney M. Gutierrez June 27, 1951 First U.S.-born Hispanic astronaut
5 Ellen Ochoa May 10, 1958 First female Hispanic astronaut
6 Michael Lopez-Alegria May 30, 1958 First Spanish-born astronaut

Is there a Mexican astronaut?

Rodolfo Neri Vela (born 19 February 1952) is a Mexican scientist and astronaut who flew aboard a NASA Space Shuttle mission in the year 1985. He is the second Latin American to have traveled to space….

Rodolfo Neri Vela
Nationality Mexican
Occupation Engineer
Space career
NASA Payload Specialist

Does Ellen Ochoa still work for NASA?

Ellen Ochoa (born May 10, 1958) is an American engineer, former astronaut and former director of the Johnson Space Center….

Ellen Ochoa
Alma mater San Diego State University (B.S. 1980) Stanford University (M.S. 1981) Stanford University (Ph.D. 1985)
Occupation Director Johnson Space Center
Space career
NASA astronaut

How did Ellen Ochoa make a difference?

Ochoa joined NASA in 1988 as a research engineer at Ames Research Center and moved to Johnson Space Center in 1990 when she was selected as an astronaut. She became the first Hispanic woman to go to space when she served on the nine-day STS-56 mission aboard the space shuttle Discovery in 1993.

Who are Ellen Ochoa family members?

Coe Fulmer Miles
Rosanne OchoaJoseph Ochoa
Ellen Ochoa/Family
Born May 10, 1958 in Los Angeles, CA; daughter of Joseph and Rosanne (Deardoff) Ochoa; married Coe Fulmer Miles; two children.

Who was the first black woman astronaut?

The first black woman NASA astronaut was Mae Carol Jemison. Dr. Mae C. Jemison. Mae Carol Jemison (born October 17, 1956) is an American physician and NASA astronaut. She became the first African American woman to travel in space when she went into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on September 12, 1992.

Who was the first Hispanic woman in space?

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman to fly in space, has traveled the United States sharing her groundbreaking experience with students and educators. But when they meet her, they don’t even notice her gender or cultural heritage.

Who was the first female Space Shuttle astronaut?

The United States did not select women for astronaut training until 1978, and the first female U.S. astronaut, Sally Ride, was launched aboard the space shuttle Challenger in June 1983. Valentina Tereshkova, the first female astronaut to fly into space.

When did Ellen Ochoa died?

Biography of Ellen Ochoa. Name: Ellen Ochoa. Bith Date: May 10, 1958. Death Date: Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States.

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