What is a good score for Section 1 GAMSAT?

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What is a good score for Section 1 GAMSAT?

Section I: A score between 57-61 should represent an average score for this section. Section II: A score between 59 and 65 should represent an average score for this section.

Can you improve on the GAMSAT?

Practice, Practice, Practice Again, the questions in the GAMSAT are unique, and so it is vital for everyone to ensure that they have a range of practice questions so that they can understand what kind of skills the test requires, and then practise applying these skills again and again in preparation for the test!

What is section 1 of the GAMSAT?

What is GAMSAT Section 1? Section 1 of the GAMSAT ® exam is also known as “Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences”. ACER uses this multi-choice section to assess your interpretation of qualitative information as well as your reading comprehension.

How many questions are on the GAMSAT Section 1?

Timing of the Test

Section Number of questions Total test time
Section I, Reasoning in Humanities 47 70 minutes
Section II, Written Communication 2 65 minutes
Section III, Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences 75 150 minutes

Is there a syllabus for GAMSAT?

While there is no set ‘GAMSAT Syllabus’, There is a targeted approach to study Section 1 we at Fraser’s have tested and refined over the last 10 years. We have constructed a Section 1 checklist, or syllabus, that will strategically allow you to build the comprehension skills that people often need to work on.

Is 70 a good GAMSAT score?

An average Gamsat score is 59 which would put you in approximately the 50th percentile. An excellent score is anything over 70. Scores over 85 while possible are extremely rare.

Is 69 a good GAMSAT score?

For the March 2021 GAMSAT ® Exam, this roughly equates to a GAMSAT ® score of 59. Even better would be to aim for the top 25% of applicants. A score of roughly 64 will put you in the 75 th percentile. A score of 76 will place you around the 98 th percentile.

How do I increase my GAMSAT score?

The Fastest Way To Improve Your GAMSAT Score

  1. Tip 1: learn from your experiences.
  2. Tip 2: set strict yet realistic goals.
  3. Tip 3: read the news.
  4. Tip 4: complete practice MCQs and papers.

What should I revise for GAMSAT?

As such, planning is an excellent place to start your GAMSAT revision. I would recommend one of the very first things you do is to set goals using the SMART algorithm (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound goals), which will help frame the rest of your study.

How do I study for Section 3 GAMSAT?

How to prepare for GAMSAT Section 3

  1. Start with ACER GAMSAT Questions (to identify gaps in knowledge)
  2. Don’t Cram!
  3. Use multiple resources to learn a concept.
  4. Engage in Active learning (i.e. problem solving, spaced repetition and active recall)
  5. Focus on Accuracy then speed.
  6. Develop a Attack plan and time management strategy.

How do I improve my GAMSAT score?

What should I read to prepare for the GAMSAT?

Nevertheless, when performed correctly, reading widely can definitely be beneficial in terms of your GAMSAT ® Preparation. In terms of what to read, this can be broken down into multiple categories. Keep in mind that any reading you do will help with both Section 1 and Section 2 of the GAMSAT ® exam.

Why is Section 1 of GAMSAT so difficult?

Gamsat section 1 is not usually the section students are most worried about, that honour normally falls to section 3. However it is the section that students often have the most difficulty preparing for. This is due to two main reasons: 1. Lack of a defined syllabus.

How many sections are there in the GAMSAT exam?

The GAMSAT as we all know it is a massive exam separated into three sections that are designed to test your knowledge on multiple topics.

Is there a free trial for the GAMSAT?

Our Free Trial includes a GAMSAT ® Study Guide with an in-depth, day-by-day study schedule for Section 1 along with all the other sections of the GAMSAT ® exam to help you plan out your preparation. You’ll also get access to 50 MCQs from our Intelligent MCQ Bank and a wealth of other free resources.


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