What defines jungle music?

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What defines jungle music?

Emerging from breakbeat hardcore, the style is characterised by rapid breakbeats, heavily syncopated percussive loops, samples, and synthesised effects, combined with the deep basslines, melodies, and vocal samples found in dub, reggae and dancehall, as well as hip hop and funk.

What type of music is jungle Band?


Why is it called jungle music?

Kickin’ and Shut up & Dance record labels started fusing breakbeat, house, hip-hop, reggae, techno and most importantly dub to produce what they called Jungle. In fact the name originates from one of the experimental clubs in London, called “Jungle” where the first fusion experiments were played.

Who invented breakcore?

Widely recognized as the godfather of contemporary breakcore, Canadian producer Aaron Funk has been releasing music under his Venetian Snares handle since the late ’90s, when the genre was still in its infancy.

What was the first jungle song?

‘Original Nuttah’ is arguably the original jungle anthem.

Who dances jungle?

All four music videos were directed by Josh Lloyd-Watson and Charlie Di Placido, with Oliver Hadlee Pearch co-directing on Happy Man. The director of photography for all four videos was Olly Wiggins. The dancers in Casio are Will West, Che Jones, Nathaniel Williams, Jordan Melchor, Ziggy Taylor and Mette Linturi.

What BPM is breakcore?

Breakcore is characterized by the usage of heavy kick drums, deep bass, odd time signatures, “scattered breaks” put in a random rhythmic fashion, and samples of popular songs to classical music played at high tempos (180-190 BPM).

Is drum and bass still popular?

The wonderful thing about the drum and bass scene is that despite its huge growth and popularity, it’s still very much an underground scene. Access to the top talent is not hard and all but the biggest labels seem to have a small team feel about them.

Who are the singers in Jungle?

Rudi Salmon
Tom McFarlandGuitarJoshua James Lloyd-WatsonGuitarAndro CowperthwaiteAndreya Triana

Where is Jungle Band from?

London, United Kingdom

What kind of music is called jungle music?

Jungle music. Jungle is a genre of electronic music derived from breakbeat hardcore that developed in England in the early 1990s as part of UK rave scenes. The style is characterized by fast tempos (150 to 200 bpm ), breakbeats, dub reggae basslines, heavily syncopated percussive loops, samples, and synthesized effects.

How did jungle music contribute to the underground music scene?

Small record labels work to provide more autonomy to the music artists in return for their business and jungle music was proliferated by pirate stations in underground networks and clubs. Whilst the media would in part feed of jungle music success, it also perpetuated negative stereotypes about the scene as being violent.

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