What episode of Supernatural is Thor in?

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What episode of Supernatural is Thor in?

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir made its first appearance on Supernatural since season eight, and fans are loving it. During tonight’s episode, “The Last Holiday,” there’s an epic shot of Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) wielding the hammer during a battle.

When did Sam get Thors hammer?

Making its then-one and only appearance in Season 8’s second episode, the divine weapon was being auctioned off by the God of Greed, Plutus, when the Winchesters stumbled across it. An angry Sam ended up using it to kill a murderous Frost Giant, proving that the hammer can one-hit K.O pagan deities.

How did Sam Winchester get Thor’s hammer?

Although the God of Thunder himself is never shown in Supernatural, Mjolnir appeared in a 2012 episode of Supernatural season 8. The Winchester brothers crashed a relic auction where Mjolnir was being sold off to the highest bidder.

What episode does Sam wield Mjolnir?

15.14 Last Holiday
15.14 Last Holiday Sam armed himself with Mjölnir on a hunt while Dean used his grenade launcher.

Can Sam lift Mjolnir?

In Norse mythology, only beings with supernatural strength such as deities like Thor himself or Jotunn (giants) are able to wield the hammer, which is extremely heavy. However, this is apparently not the case in the Supernatural Universe, as Sam is able to wield it like any other hammer.

What is the most powerful weapon in supernatural?

Here are the 12 Most Powerful Weapons In Supernatural (And 8 That Are Useless).

  • 8 Most powerful: Soul Bomb.
  • 7 Useless: Used Hands of God.
  • 6 Most powerful: Mjölnir.
  • 5 Useless: Bone of a righteous mortal.
  • 4 Most powerful: Death’s Scythe.
  • 3 Most powerful: Lucifer’s Spear.
  • 2 Useless: Rock salt.
  • 1 Most powerful: The First Blade.

Is Sam Wilson worthy of Mjolnir?

Sam Wilson took over as Captain America. In the Free Comic Book Day tie-in (by Nick Spencer and Andrea Sorrentino), they defat the world’s heroes in a major battle and everyone is shocked when the evil Hydra Captain America is still seen to be worthy of wielding Mjolnir!

Is Sam Wilson Captain America worthy?

Sam Wilson has been worthy of the shield. He was worthy before Steve Rogers gave it to him and he sure as hell has been worthy throughout the entire run of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The only person who really needed to be convinced of this fact was Sam himself.

Can Falcon talk to birds?

According to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman, Marvel discussed Falcon’s ability to talk to birds. In the comics Red Wing is in actual bird, and kinda like Ant-Man Falcon can talk to the animals Doctor Doolittle style.

Who is the mother of all in supernatural?


Name Eve
Actor Julia Maxwell Samantha Smith (6.19)
Dates Before angels – 2011 (killed by Dean Winchester with phoenix ashes)
Location Purgatory
Occupation Mother of All Monsters

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