What songs use slap bass?

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What songs use slap bass?

Slap Bass Riff Timings:

  • Higher Ground – Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Flea) – 1:48.
  • Thankyou Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin – Sly & The Family Stone (Larry Graham) – 10:14.
  • Love Games – Level 42 (Mark King) – 18:26.
  • Take The Power Back – Rage Against The Machine (Tim Commerford) – 29:53.

Who slapped bass first?

Larry Graham
Larry Graham is generally credited as inventing slap bass guitar. Graham has said that he was simply trying to create a drum-like sound to flesh out the rhythm in the then drummerless Family Stone.

Did Bootsy Collins invent slap bass?

After being developed by double bassists, players like Larry Graham and Bootsy Collins refined the technique to revolutionise the role of the bass in a rhythm section in the ’60s and ’70s.

What is a slap bass line?

Slapping and popping are ways to produce percussive sounds on a stringed instrument. It is primarily used on the double bass or bass guitar. Slapping on bass guitar involves using the edge of one’s knuckle, where it is particularly bony, to quickly strike the string against the fretboard.

Is Slap Bass difficult?

It can be harder depending on the action, one of my basses has a very low setup and I have trouble getting clean slap sound out of it. 3 months is a very short time playing bass, or any instrument for that matter, and slap is one of the hardest things to do on bass properly.

What are the 5 must know slap bass riffs?

This week we’re looking at what I consider the 5 MUST KNOW slap bass riffs. We’ve got some Flea in there, a little Larry Graham, a splash of Mark King and more. So buckle up and get ready for some awesome slap bass action! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What’s the most famous slap riff in pop history?

Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen features Freddie Washington playing one of the most famous slap riffs in pop history. Some of you will also know this riff from the Will Smith song ‘Men In Black’ This riff is deceptively difficult, especially the 16th notes in the final bar.

Which is red hot chilli peppers slap bass song?

Higher Ground is a Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover of the Stevie Wonder classic featuring a slap bass interpretation from Flea. The riff is a great introduction to slap pop octaves on the E and D strings and is deceptively tricky when getting started so take it slow!

What’s the first slap line on electric bass?

This funk classic from Sly & The Family Stone was one of the first popular recorded examples of the slap technique on electric bass, courtesy of the bass legend Larry Graham. This is a fairly simple line but the space and articulations require special focus on the time feel.

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