How to enter the code for downpour in Silent Hill?

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How to enter the code for downpour in Silent Hill?

However, the 3 and 8 cannot be set on the dials manually, as dial 2 moves dials 3 and 4. The correct way to enter the code is by putting “2” on dial 1 and “1” on dial 5. Next, put “5” on dial 2, “2” on dial 3, and “1” on dial 4. Then, highlight dial 2, and turn it left to unlock the safe.

Where is the Devil’s pit train in Silent Hill?

The panel used in the puzzle. This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Downpour puzzle. At the end of the Devil’s Pit mines, Murphy Pendleton finds a mining cart rail that has been converted into a roller coaster-like ride for visitors, especially enjoyed by children.

How does Murphy activate the cart in Silent Hill?

In order to activate the cart and escape into Hillside, Murphy must activate the train using a control panel. The control panel has five buttons, labeled A through E, and all of them are different colors.

What are the codes for the lockers in Silent Hill?

Green Safe Puzzle SolutionUse the following codes to unlock the lockers:171678: Double Headed Axe, Nailgun911977: Golf Club, Rifle353479: Baseball Bat, Pistol (.45)You will run across three lockers in this area, each of them requiring a numeric password. You can use a code no more than once.

Where do you change into black hoodie in Silent Hill?

Successfully complete the “Stolen Goods” side quest in Pearls Creek apartment, then return to where the thief was hanging. Use the discarded pile of clothes to change into his black hoodie and jeans. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending.

Where do you find Murphy Pendleton in Silent Hill?

Leave the area and climb up some stairs. Go up through some more stairs. Locate the button to press in the panel, press it to open a door. Go through the door you just opened, and you will find yourself approaching the outdoors area. A radio will be playing a song dedicated to you, Murphy Pendleton.

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