Why is Uranus hotter than Neptune?

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Why is Uranus hotter than Neptune?

Uranus is more than a billion kilometers away from Neptune, yet it finds itself colder than its bluer neighbor. Astronomers currently believe that the perplexity is a result of Uranus’ chaotic atmosphere and its anomalous orientation. While Earth’s tilt is just 23 degrees, Uranus’ tilt is an astounding 98 degrees.

What is Neptune’s surface temperature?

-373 degrees F.
The average temperature on Neptune is a brutally cold -373 degrees F. Triton, Neptune’s largest satellite, has the coldest temperature measured in our solar system at -391 degrees F. That is only 68 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than absolute zero, a temperature in which all molecular action stops.

What is the temperature of Uranus and Neptune?

Uranus – minus 320°F (-195°C) Neptune – minus 331°F (-201°C)

What is the surface temperature of Uranus?

-353 degrees F.
It takes 84 years for Uranus to revolve around the Sun and the aqua-colored planet has 27 known satellites. Six of these satellite discoveries have been since 1997. speeds on Uranus range from 90 to 360 mph and the planet’s average temperature is a frigid -353 degrees F.

Is Pluto colder than Neptune?

Home » Space Questions » What is the coldest planet? The short answer is that Neptune has the coldest overall average temperature and Uranus has the coldest temperature recorded. Pluto was the planet furthest away from the Sun and also the coldest.

Who is the coldest Uranus or Neptune?

Neptune, being the eighth planet in our solar system and therefore the one furthest from the sun, has the coldest average temperature (around -214°C). On the other hand, Uranus being the 7th planet farthest from the sun, holds the record for the coldest temperature reached, with a record of -224°C.

What is the highest recorded temperature on Uranus?

Temperatures inside it may reach 8,540 F (4,727 C), which sounds warm but is cooler than other planets — Jupiter’s core may reach 43,000 F (24,000 C). Simon said that temperature is a large part of the reason for Uranus’ blandness.

What is the hottest and coldest planet?

The hottest planet in the solar system is Venus with an average temperature of 464 degree Celsius and the coldest planet in the solar system is Pluto with an average temperature of -225 degree Celsius.

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