Can you tour BMW in Germany?

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Can you tour BMW in Germany?

Public Guided Tours: The public guided tour is offered in German and English. Starting Point: BMW Welt, Plant Tour area.

Where is the BMW factory in Germany?

The BMW Group Plant Munich is the parent plant of the BMW Group. It is located in the north of Munich in the immediate vicinity of the Group headquarters, the BMW Museum and BMW Welt.

How many BMW plants are in Germany?

eight BMW plants
Whether it’s in production, planning, logistics or quality assurance: all eight BMW plants in Germany set trends in these production disciplines and drive the technological revolution forward with digital innovation, sustainability and flexibility.

How do I book BMW factory tour?

To schedule a tour, REGISTER ONLINE or call 1-888-tourBMW (868-7269).

Where are the BMW factories?

Production and sales

  • Germany: Munich, Dingolfing, Regensburg and Leipzig.
  • Austria: Graz.
  • United States: Spartanburg.
  • Mexico: San Luis Potosí
  • South Africa: Rosslyn.
  • India: Chennai.
  • China: Shenyang.
  • Brazil: Araquari.

Can you tour the Porsche factory?

Porsche AG offers free factory tours that include a visit to production and to the museum in Zuffenhausen. The tours last around two hours. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] for an appointment.

Which BMW is made in Germany?

Dingolfing- Vehicles of the BMW 5, 6 and 7 Series as well as M5 and M6 are completely manufactured here. The almost entirely hand made bodies for the Rolls-Royce Phantom are also produced here.

Who owns a BMW?

Susanne Klatten
Stefan Quandt
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG/Owners

Where in Germany is the Porsche factory?

Today, all Porsche engines are constructed here in our main factory in Zuffenhausen, where the legendary 356 was built. You can collect your Boxster, Cayman or 911 from here. If you’ve chosen a Cayenne or Panamera, this will be waiting for you at their place of manufacture – in Leipzig.

Can you collect your new Porsche from the factory?

You may opt to collect your new car from the Porsche factory in Germany; an unforgettable experience that brings the world of Porsche to life in an immediate and unique way. Discovering how and where Porsche cars are meticulously built makes the journey there more than worthwhile.

Is buying a BMW in Germany cheaper?

the reason is cheaper is because you drive the car in Germany and therefore regular importation taxes do not apply because the car is consider used since you drove it there. BMW will pass those savings to you. Buying the car in Europe new and having them ship it to you will cost you an arm and leg.

BMW Germany is a branch office of a luxury car manufacturing company, BMW, located at Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Where are BMW factories located?

BMW’s most popular vehicle, the 3 Series, is produced at a few different facilities, including ones in Munich, Germany and Rosslyn, South Africa. BMW’s largest manufacturing facility is located in Dingolfing, which is a city in Southern Bavaria, Germany.

What is BMW manufacturing?

The BMW US Manufacturing Company, also known as BMW Spartanburg , is a vehicle assembly facility for BMW Group and is located in Greer , South Carolina; it is BMW ‘s only assembly plant in the United States. The plant is currently BMW’s sole global production site for X4, X5, X6,…

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