Is 20gb enough for Xbox 360?

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Is 20gb enough for Xbox 360?

A must for online gaming The 20 GB drive has lasted me now for two years and I still haven’t filled it. As the 20 GB does fill up fast if you are into these types of media use for the Xbox 360. Users that are just strictly going to game will find the 20 GB more than enough space for their needs.

How many GB do I need for Xbox 360?

500 gb would be the highest and best if you plan to download a lot of games. Most people use an external HD these days just to avoid worrying about size. No console is better then the other in that regard.

Is my Xbox 360 hard drive official?

The Xbox 360 S 250 gigabyte (GB) console has an internal hard drive, which can be removed and replaced. The Xbox 360 S 4 GB console has internal flash memory, which is not removable. The internal hard drive can be purchased separately. Turn off the console.

Can I play Xbox games on Xbox 360 Slim?

Original Xbox games work on the Xbox 360 Slim and other models with one exception: The 4GB version of the 360 Slim is not backward compatible. The 4GB Slim doesn’t actually have a hard disk drive, so you’ll have to install one with the appropriate partition to play original Xbox titles.

How big is the Xbox 360 Pro hard drive?

Xbox 360 Pro 20 GB 1 This is a refurbished Xbox 360 Pro console 2 20 GB Hard Drive 3 1 Wireless Controllers 4 Sleek set-top design with horizontal or vertical placement option in a white finish 5 Customize your Xbox 360 Dashboard, Guide, and Gamer Profile with content from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace More

What’s the price of a Xbox 360 Pro?

Editors’ note: As of September 2009, Microsoft is phasing out the 60GB Xbox 360 Pro model. It will be sold at a reduced price of $250 until stock has been exhausted.

What can you do with Xbox 360 Pro?

More than just a cutting-edge game system, Xbox 360 also integrates high-definition video, DVD movie playback, digital music, photos, and online connectivity into one sleek, small tower, and in the process puts true Next-Gen power right at your fingertips. Note: This is a refurbished Xbox 360 Pro console.

Is the Xbox 360 still a good gaming console?

The Bottom Line Now that Blu-ray has become the pre-eminent high-definition standard for discs, the Xbox 360 has yet to support it, but it still remains an excellent game console with a superior game library and online experience. Editors’ note: As of September 2009, Microsoft is phasing out the 60GB Xbox 360 Pro model.

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