Who narrates Black Mass?

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Who narrates Black Mass?

Scott Cooper
Scott Cooper narrates a sequence from “Black Mass” featuring Johnny Depp. In an interview at The Times, the director Scott Cooper answered questions about his film “Black Mass,” featuring Johnny Depp as the Boston crime boss James (Whitey) Bulger.

Who plays Stevie in Black Mass?

Rory Cochrane
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Is Black Mass true story?

His life story was filled with drugs, violence, and murder and inspired the movie “Black Mass” starring Johnny Depp as well as Jack Nicholson’s crime boss character in “The Departed.” …

Who played Johnny Depp’s wife in Black Mass?

Julianne Nicholson
In the creepiest scene in the movie, Julianne Nicholson, who plays Connolly’s wife, Marianne, expresses terror and hopelessness in about 60 seconds, no more. Of course, having Depp’s hand around her throat probably helped the portrayal. The film opens with Kevin Weeks (Plemons) being interviewed by an investigator.

Why is black mass?

The easy answer is that it’s based on the 2000 true crime book of the same name by Dick Lehr and Gerard K. O’Neill. The phrase, which essentially represents “a perversion of the Catholic mass,” Lehr explained, is a metaphor for the FBI’s corruption, with Bulger as the devil.

Is Tom Hardy in black mass?

Tom Hardy had been considered for the role of John Connolly, but dropped out and was replaced by Joel Edgerton.

How much did Johnny Depp get paid for Black Mass?

Inside Johnny Depp’s $20 Million Salary Standoff. The actor’s “Black Mass” negotiation heats up amid a debate over whether a reduced fee is fair.

Does Netflix have Black Mass 2020?

Unfortunately, no. Black Mass isn’t currently streaming on Netflix.

Is Tom Hardy in Black Mass?

What role did Tom Hardy play in Black Mass?

John Connolly
Hardy will take on the role of John Connolly, Bulger’s childhood friend and the FBI agent who tipped him off that the feds were coming for him. Production on Black Mass is set to begin in May, so it looks like this one will finally get going.

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