What does Portia say about mercy in Act 4?

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What does Portia say about mercy in Act 4?

She says that “Mercy is twice blessed”. It helps the person being pardoned and also the one who pardons. She says that being merciful and doing the right thing will not hurt Shylock.

What did Portia say to Shylock?

Portia asks Shylock to show mercy upon Antonio and spare his life. She acknowledges that Shylock does have a right to “his pound of flesh,” but that a merciful person would either forgive the debt or settle for something “less invasive.”

What is a famous quote from The Merchant of Venice?

“In sooth, I know not why I am so sad.” “Let me play the fool.” “If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches, and poor men’s cottages princes’ palaces.”

What did Portia say in her famous speech of mercy?

Mercy, Portia tells those who would exact justice, “droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.” When mercy is unreservedly dispensed, it becomes “the throned monarch better than his crown;” it is “an attribute of God himself.”

Why did Shylock call Portia a Daniel?

Because Portia seems to be ruling for Shylock, he calls her a Daniel to praise her mercy and wisdom. (It also reminds audiences that he’s Jewish, since Daniel’s story is found in the portion of the Bible that Jews and Christians share.)

Why did Portia appeal for mercy?

Thus Portia appeals to the Jew as she wants to save Antonio without resorting to legal actions. Earlier in the play the Duke himself and noble men of the highest standing have appealed for mercy to Shylock.

Why is Jessica ashamed her father?

Jessica speaks to the audience after saying goodbye to Launcelot as she plans her escape. She reveals how she feels ashamed to be her father’s daughter because of his behavior. She also declares her love for Lorenzo and her desire to leave home and become a Christian to marry him.

How did Portia describe mercy?

Mercy, according to Portia, is heavenly in origin and is a universal benefit which “blesseth him that gives and him that takes.” She calls it “mightier than the mightiest” and then devotes several lines to explaining why this is so. Kings are powerful because they inspire fear and respect.

Why was Portia called a worthy judge?

(ii) What had Portia just said that Shylock called her ‘a worthy judge’ ? Answer: Portia had said that the bond was forfeited and lawfully Shylock could claim a pound of flesh to be cut off by him, nearest Antonio’s heart. (iii) Shylock Says : Thus Shylock is defeated by his own weapon.

How do Portia and Nerissa disguise?

Portia and Nerissa go to Venice disguised as a lawyer and clerk. In the courtroom, the Duke asks Shylock to show some compassion and Bassanio offers 6000 ducats to repay Antonio’s loan. Portia appears, disguised as Balthazar. He (she) speaks about mercy and tries to persuade Shylock to drop the case but he refuses.

What happens in Scene 1 of The Merchant of Venice?

The Merchant of Venice Act 4, scene 1 Summary & Analysis. The Duke introduces “mercy” as an alternative to either “justice” or “revenge.”. Shylock, however, sticks by his claim that he has the law on his side: he has bought Antonio for money, just like other Venetians buy the flesh of animals and slaves.

What did Portia say about the Neapolitan in The Merchant of Venice?

In truth, I know it is a sin to be a mocker, but he!—why, he hath a horse better than the Neapolitan’s, a better bad habit of frowning than the Count Palatine. He is every man in no man. If a throstle sing, he falls straight a-capering. He will fence with his own shadow.

Why does the Duke pities Antonio in The Merchant of Venice?

In Venice, the Duke opens Antonio’s trial by saying that he pities Antonio because Shylock is an “inhuman wretch uncapable of pity” (4.1.3–4). The Duke has attempted to persuade Shylock to spare Antonio, but Shylock will not. Antonio replies that he is prepared to suffer Shylock’s rage with quiet dignity.

What happens to Bassanio and Portia in Act 4?

When Bassanio solves it, Portia is elated. But as they are celebrating, news comes that Bassanio’s friend, Antonio is in trouble. Antonio secured a loan from Shylock for Bassanio and now unable to pay, Antonio will have to give Shylock a pound of his flash.

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