How do you reload Yes Credit?

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How do you reload Yes Credit?

Download MyYes4G app from Google Play. Go to Menu > Buy Now > Reload Cards. Enter Yes Number e.g. 0181230000 > Reload Cards. *Standard SMS charges apply to reloads via other telco operators.

How do I get yes hotspot?

You can purchase the Postpaid Hotspot Add-On via My Account, Yes Express Payment Channel or MyYes4G app. Can I check my Postpaid Hotspot Add-On internet data balance? You may check Your Postpaid Hotspot Add-On internet data balance through My Account or MyYes4G app.

What is yes prihatin prepaid plan?

The Jaringan Prihatin programme is an initiative by the Government of Malaysia whereby approximately RM2 billion is allocated for Malaysians eligible for Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (“BPR”), in the form of subsidised telco packages in collaboration with the telecommunication Service Providers.

Does Yes have unlimited call?

yes Introduces Unlimited Duit!! months of your contract.

What is Unthrottle yes plan?

According to the telco, the Konfem Unlimited Plan is designed to offer the best unlimited mobile experience but they have discovered unfair and non-legitimate usage by a few subscribers which violated their terms and condition of use. This includes using P2P applications and non-mobile usage.

How do I set up YES 4G LTE?

Open a web browser on the computer, type in the URL field and press enter. The YES Huddle XS 4G LTE admin page should open in your browser. Type ‘admin’ in the password field. The browser will now take you to the setup page.

How can I get a free phone from B40?

To help a B40 family by nominating them for a free phone and data, log on to

How do I get a free phone from B40?

To claim your free smartphone and data, follow these steps :

  1. Open the MyYes app.
  2. Click on the YES PRIHATIN Learn From Home banner.
  3. Click on the Refer YES PRIHATIN button.
  4. Fill in the IC number of the B40 candidate.
  5. Fill in the information of the prospective B40 family, and click Next when you are done.

What is Unthrottle YES plan?

Can I call using YES?

You can still receive calls & SMS and make emergency calls. However, you will not be able to make any calls, send SMS or surf the internet. Kindly purchase a YES Reload for your account to reactivate your account.

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