Where is Edmond plague city?

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Where is Edmond plague city?

East Ardougne
Reinforcements. Edmond Travel to the north-western part of East Ardougne and talk to Edmond. He can be found in his garden, just north of the Flying Horse Inn. Edmond tells you that his daughter, Elena, has gone to West Ardougne to investigate a plague and he is very worried about her.

How to start plague city?

To make it, put the chocolate dust into the bucket of milk, then add snape grass (Do not drink or eat the ingredients). Give the hangover cure to him, and tell him that the mourners won’t listen to you. He’ll then give you a warrant granting permission to enter the plague house and search for Elena.

How do I get Snape grass in plague City?

A bucket of milk (Obtained by using a bucket on a dairy cow, one is north of Ardougne, or bought from Hudo or Heckel Funch.) Snape grass (Spawns west of the Crafting Guild or the peninsula north-east of Hosidius. It can be grown at 61 Farming.)

How do I start the Giant Dwarf Quest?

To start, speak to the Dwarven Boatman inside the mine east of Rellekka. To get to him enter the cave in the north side of the east of Rellekka, close to fairy ring DKS. As soon as you enter, walk east and enter the cave entrance shaped like a crack in the wall in between the two statues to go to Keldagrim.

Where can I farm Snape grass?

Picking snape grass at Waterbirth Island and banking with Peer is a suggested method. Snape grass can also be found on the Hobgoblin Peninsula west of the Crafting Guild. This location may be quickly accessed by teleporting to a player-owned house in Rimmington, or by using a crafting cape to teleport inside the guild.

How do I get a rusted sword sword?

Rusted Sword is the held item for the legendary Pokemon Zacian. You will receive the item Rusted Sword once you capture Zacian in the post game.

Can you buy rusty sword Osrs?

It can be obtained as drop loot from monsters or by pickpocketing a H.A.M. Member (requires level 15 Thieving). Giving Tindel Marchant a rusty sword is also a task for the Easy Ardougne Diary.

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