What condition would a urethral Meatotomy be performed for?

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What condition would a urethral Meatotomy be performed for?

Meatotomy is a surgery done to widen the meatus. The meatus is the opening at the tip of the penis where urine leaves the body. Meatotomy is often done because the meatus is too narrow. That’s a condition known as meatal stenosis or urethral stricture.

How long does it take to recover from a Meatotomy?

Keep the incision as clean and dry as possible. Remember that it will take about 2 weeks for the operative area to heal completely. You may experience mild swelling of your penis. This is not a concern at this time.

How painful is a Meatoplasty?

Most children experience minimal pain or no pain following meatoplasty. Some stinging or burning while urinating is normal. A small amount of bloody drainage is also normal.

What causes meatal stenosis in adults?

In adult men, the condition can result from surgery on the urethra, ongoing use of an indwelling catheter, or procedure to treat an enlarged prostate gland (BPH). In females, this condition is present at birth (congenital). Less commonly, meatal stenosis may also affect adult women.

Can phimosis cause infection?

If phimosis interferes with healthy erections or urination, or if there are other symptoms, your son should see a doctor. Recurrent infections of the glans or foreskin should also be evaluated by a doctor. Signs of an infection may include: changes in the color of the glans or foreskin.

What is the difference between Meatotomy and Meatoplasty?

The meatus (mee-AY-tis) is the opening in a boy’s penis where the urine (pee) comes out. In meatal stenosis (mee-AT-ul steh-NO-sis), the meatus is too small. Meatoplasty (also called meatotomy) makes the meatus bigger so that pee can come out normally.

How is a Chordee repair done?

This involves the injection of saline into the penis. The penis is then “degloved” to remove any excess skin that might be fastening the penis to the scrotum (type 1 chordee), and the erection test is repeated to confirm that the penis is straight.

What is the end of the urethra called?

urethral meatus
The male urethra originates at the bladder neck and terminates at the urethral meatus on the glans penis.

Why does my pee go sideways?

It happens when the edges of the urethra get temporarily stuck together. The urethra is the tube that carries urine (and also semen, in men) out of the body. This sticky situation is often caused by dry ejaculate that doesn’t fully exit the urethra, gumming up the pipes.

Can foreskin affect urine flow?

A tight foreskin may interfere with the normal passage of urine. In severe cases, this can prevent the person from emptying their bladder fully. Phimosis can lead to inflammation of the penis, called balanitis, or inflammation of both the glans and the foreskin, called balanoposthitis.

Why can’t I pull my foreskin back at 20?

If you can’t pull the foreskin back over the widest part of your penis you could have a condition called phimosis. It’s a common complaint for men where the foreskin is excessively long, or if the skin has been torn and healing has led to the foreskin contracting.

Can phimosis be cured without surgery in adults?

Phimosis of the prepuce can be treated without performing a circumcision. The most common and most effective treatment option is the local application ofcorticosteroid ointment.

What do you need to know about meatoplasty and meatotomy?

Meatoplasty/Meatotomy 1 Meatoplasty is a surgery in which the end of a child’s penis is surgically… 2 Meatal stenosis occurs in around 10% of males. 3 Because meatal stenosis is most often diagnosed… 4 Your child’s doctor will began an exam…

When is a meatotomy the best treatment for stricture disease?

The following is a RUG of a patient with stricture disease limited to the meatus itself. After a thorough evaluation that confirms that the stricture is short and near the opening of the urethra, it will likely be determined that a meatotomy is the best treatment option.

Can A meatotomy be done during a circumcision?

Yes, a meatotomy can be done during an adult circumcision. I am concerned, is this a true meatal stenosis or does this represent a stricture or narrowing of a longer segment of your urethra attributable to perhaps a straddle injury, gonorrhea, lichen sclerosus.

Can A meatotomy be extended to a genital bisection?

A meatotomy may be extended to subincision or genital bisection, which are both much more complex and serious modifications. Aside from the exposure of previously internal tissues, the newly enlarged urethral opening may hinder the ability to control the direction and shape of one’s urine stream.

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