Does DriveTime require a down payment?

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Does DriveTime require a down payment?

You are approved for every vehicle on our lot, but some vehicles may require a larger down payment than the one you were quoted, some may require less. When you come into the dealership we’ll show you your down payments and full fincancing terms on every vehicle on the lot so you can evaluate your options.

Can you negotiate price at DriveTime?

Do you negotiate price? DriveTime prides itself on being open and straightforward with our customers. By offering a no-haggle price on our vehicles, we ensure that all our customers pay the same and receive the same, great value. You can browse our inventory and vehicle prices on

What is the minimum down payment for a car?

When you take a loan, some banks will expect you to pay a certain portion (usually 5% to 15%) of the car value to the dealer before they release the Car Loan. This is called a down payment.

Can I bring my own financing to DriveTime?

Absolutely! Typically, your lender will set guidelines for what vehicle you are financing. Let your Sales Advisor know what your bank’s criteria is, then you can go begin to browse our inventory. If you don’t have a preferred lender, you can start your approval online with DriveTime.

How to make a payment in drivetime?

Set up automatic deductions with DriveTime. DriveTime will deduct your monthly payment directly from your bank account.

  • Send your DriveTime payment by mail. Mailed payments must be in the form of a check or money order.
  • Pay your DriveTime bill in cash.
  • Submit your DriveTime payment online.
  • Call DriveTime to make your payment by phone at 1-877-432-9420.
  • Does drivetime refinance?

    Refinancing your DriveTime auto loan means quite the opposite: you will be able to lower your payments by decreasing your interest rate and/or stretching the term because you’ve done a good job and made your payments in time and in full.

    Is drivetime legit?

    This AdvisoryHQ review found that yes, DriveTime is legit, with company headquarters based in Tempe, Arizona. DriveTime has been registered with the Better Business Bureau since 2012, and currently has an ‘A’ rating.

    Does drivetime deliver cars?

    DriveTime has several different sources for vehicles; including auto auctions, off-lease vehicles and customer trade-ins. We send all of the vehicles we purchase through one of inspection centers to receive a multi-point inspection* before they are delivered to your local dealership.

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