Why do you need a magnetic white board?

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Why do you need a magnetic white board?

A magnetic whiteboard provides convenience for jotting down work and pinning up papers and notes with magnets. Consider these magnetic whiteboard options for your office, classroom, or dorm. . Looking for a whiteboard that is easy to transport around your office or classroom?

What makes Magnatag dry erase whiteboard so durable?

Magnatag whiteboards are engineered tough and built to last. Many whiteboard companies depend on their aluminum frames for strength. We also have durable and attractive aluminum frames with Injection-molded corners. However, we depend on our stress skin board construction to ensure that your board will never warp or bend.

What are the different types of whiteboard sizes?

Customers can choose whiteboards from five general categories to suit their needs: dry erase, row, column, grid, all-purpose. Within each are multiple styles and sizes, to ensure customers can purchase the right whiteboard suit their needs.

How big is a magnetic dry erase board?

MerLerner 11″ x 14” Magnetic Dry Erase Board Set 6 in 1 White Board with Magnet & Marker Magnetic, Dry Erase Boards with Hooks, White Board Small for Work & Study. . . . . .

How many magnets are on a dry erase board?

Magnetic Dry Erase Board for Fridge, 17″ x 11″ Magnetic Whiteboard Sheet with 10 Markers 1 Magnet Eraser, Small Dry Erase White Board for Kitchen Home Kids, Stain Resistant Refrigerator Dry Erase Whiteboard Planner Organizer . . . . .

Can you use dry erase markers on magnetic whiteboard?

The magnets are secure and don’t come loose easily. The dry erase markers included in this magnetic whiteboard make it perfect for drawing or writing on a daily basis. The magnets are sec…

How big is a magnetic board for framing?

. This magnetic board measures 18 by 24 inches and can be used for hanging or framing. It’s made with a wood grain laminated board and is available in a variety of colors. This magnetic board measures 18 by 24 inches and can be used for hanging or framing.

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