When did Mullard stop making valves?

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When did Mullard stop making valves?

This photograph from our archives, shows the few staff which were left, when the very last valve came off the production line and the factory closed, in 1982.

Is Mullard still in business?

Mullard brand name Philips continued to use the brand name “Mullard” in the UK until 1988. Mullard Research Laboratories in Redhill, Surrey then became Philips Research Laboratories. As of 2007, the Mullard brand has been revived by Sovtek, producing a variant of the ECC83 and EL34.

How do I identify a Mullard 12AX7?

A real Mullard preamp tube will give a bright flash when the amp is first turned on, then die down quickly to a normal glow. That doesn’t narrow it down completely because some of the other Phillips tubes do that as well. But you should be able to see an “I61” or “I63” or something depressed into the glass.

Where are Mullard reissue tubes made?

Matt’s dissection revealed that there were substantial physical differences between the ‘reissue’ and a real Mullard tube, that the ‘reissue’ was obviously not manufactured with the Mullard tooling but with the tooling used for the Sovtek 12AX7LPS which is made in the Reflector plant in Sarato, Russia.

Are old valves worth anything?

All valves are worth collecting, fascinating pieces of engineering and most still work 50 to 100 years after being made.

How do you date GE tubes?

There are two sorts of date codes on GE tubes. One is the printed date code and one is the sand-blasted dot code. As far as the printed date code goes, from 1948 to 1955 it has a Y-MM pattern. From 1956 to 1964 it was a YY-MM pattern.

Which vacuum tubes are valuable?

Here is a shortlist of valuable vacuum tubes for collectors:

  • The 2A3 (from $50), 45 (from $25), 50 (from $200) are enjoyed explicitly by the audiophile crowd.
  • The 12AX7 preamp tube (from $10)
  • The American 6L6 tube (from $15)

Are new Mullard tubes any good?

But this New Sensor Mullard is one of the top two 12AX7 current production tubes I’ve heard, not that I’ve heard them all. It’s not quite there, but it’s still a good tube. Smooth and quiet. Nice tube for the money.

What is NOS valve?

NOS valves means New Old Stock Valves. NOS valves (New Old Stock) are valves which are brand new, never used, boxed valves manufactured years or decades ago. NOS valves can be fifty years old, for example.

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