What is Section 41 of Indian evidence Act?

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What is Section 41 of Indian evidence Act?

—A final judgment, order or decree of a competent Court, in the exercise of probate, matrimonial admiralty or insolvency jurisdiction which confers upon or takes away from any person any legal character, or which declares any person to be entitled to any such character, or to be entitled to any specific thing, not as …

Which section of 1872 empowers the Court to ask question to the witness?

Section 136 of The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 deals with the power of a judge to decide the admissibility of the witnesses. In order that the evidence may not go beyond its proper limits for which it is produced, the judges have the power to ask a question in whatever manner the evidence is relevant.

What is section 50 of evidence Act?

Opinion on relationship, when relevant.—When the Court has to form an opinion as to the relationship of one person to another, the opinion, expressed by conduct, as to the existence of such relationship, or any person who, as a member of the family or otherwise, has special means of knowledge on the subject, is a …

What is 75 evidence Act?

Description: Every public officer having the custody of a public document, which any person has a right to inspect, shall give that person on demand a copy of it on payment of the legal fees there for, together with a certificate written at the foot of such copy that it is a true copy of such document or part thereof.

What is conclusive proof?

What is Conclusive Proof or Irrebuttable Presumption? According to Dictionary meaning “Conclusive proof refers to presumption which cannot be overcome or changed by any additional evidence or argument.

When a number of documents are made by uniform process?

Explanation 2- Where a number of documents are all made by one uniform process, as in the case of printing, lithography, or photography, each is primary evidence of the contents of the rest ; but, where they are all copies of a common original, they are not primary evidence of the contents of the original.

What evidence is not allowed in court?

Evidence that can not be presented to the jury or decision maker for any of a variety of reasons: it was improperly obtained, it is prejudicial (the prejudicial value outweighs the probative value), it is hearsay, it is not relevant to the case, etc.

What is the law of evidence?

The law of evidence includes how facts may or may not be proved, what sort of evidence must be given of a fact which may be proved, by whom, in what manner evidence must be produced by which any fact is to be proved. It is all about admissibility of evidence in courts.

What is fact under Evidence Act?

Fact” means and includes— (1) any thing, state of things, or relation of things, capable of being perceived by the senses; (2) any mental condition of which any person is conscious. Illustrations. (a) That there are certain objects arranged in a certain order in a certain place, is a fact.

How do you read an Evidence Act?

Chapter I: From Section 1 to 4 contains the preliminary provisions

  1. Section 1: Short title, extent and commencement.
  2. Section 2: Repeal of enactments.
  3. Section 3: Interpretation Clause. Defines various terms including Court, Evidence, Fact, Relevant etc.
  4. Section 4: ‘May presume’, ‘Shall presume’ and ‘Conclusive proof’

What was the Evidence Act 1995 Sect 165?

EVIDENCE ACT 1995 – SECT 165. Unreliable evidence. (1) This section applies to evidence of a kind that may be unreliable, including the following kinds of evidence: (a) evidence in relation to which Part 3.2 (hearsay evidence) or 3.4 (admissions) applies,

What was the 164, 165 Evidence Act of 1872?

164, 165 Evidence Act |Using, as evidence, of document production of which was refused on notice Judge’s power to put questions or order production Using, as evidence, of document production of which was refused on notice Judge’s power to put questions or order production. Section 164, 165 of Indian Evidence Act 1872

How much is section 165 of the Income Tax Act?

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