Which starter should I pick for Pokemon Emerald?

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Which starter should I pick for Pokemon Emerald?

Generation Three: Pokémon Emerald Mudkip’s fantastic offensive typing, mixed offensive and defensive stats, and powerful movepool make it a clear choice for our top ranking. Early game usefulness is key for a starter, and Mudkip enjoys overwhelming type advantages against the first, third, and fourth Gyms.

Should I pick Treecko Mudkip or Torchic?

Mudkip, who later evolves to Marshtomp, seems to be the better answer. Admittedly, Torchic/Combusken might be the better overall choice, but that’s after having to deal with the tough Roxanne battle. But with it’s Water/Ground typing, Marshtomp can hold his own against Wattson and send him packing.

What is the best starter for a Emerald Nuzlocke?

Choose Mudkip That being said, in gen III, the best starter is Mudkip. It evolves into Marshtomp and Swampert, both of which have an additional ground typing that makes them immune to Electric, so this ‘mon is only weak to Grass types, of which there aren’t many.

What is the best hoenn starter in Pokemon Emerald?

The best Hoenn starter

  • 727. Mudkip.
  • 413. Torchic.
  • 472. Treecko.

Is Sceptile good in Emerald?

Sceptile is the often forgotten starter of the Hoenn region in Pokemon. While its move pool isn’t as expansive as Blaziken’s and its resistances don’t stack up like Swampert, Sceptile is a terrific Pokemon. …

Why treecko is the best starter?

Treecko is the only Hoenn starter that keeps its sole grass-type throughout its evolution. Its speed is the highest out of all the starters once it reaches Sceptile. It has powerful stab moves, but mostly late game. Aside from this, its base stats are not the best.

Can you Nuzlocke Emerald kaizo?

Just beating Pokémon Emerald Kaizo is an impressive feat in itself, and the fact that Jan used Nuzlocke rules and was down to his last few Pokémon by the time he reached the final trainer makes his victory all the more noteworthy.

Who is the strongest Hoenn starter?

Swampert is highly recognized as the “strongest” starter Pokemon for it’s highest stat total out of any starter Pokemon, that being 535 while other starters usually have 530.

Who is the best Gen 4 starter?

4 Sinnoh: Chimchar Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig are among the best Starters of all time, and they all fare well in the Sinnoh League. Piplup’s evolutionary line is Super Effective against one Gym Leader and two Elite Four Members.

Which Pokemon are the best starters?

Primarina bears a stat spread that lacks in Speed but favors Special Attack and Special Defense.

  • bearing an impressive BST that orients towards Special Attack and Speed.
  • Empoleon.
  • Venusaur.
  • Swampert.
  • What is the most powerful starter Pokemon?

    Charmander. Charmander has to be one of the most powerful starter Pokemon, making appearances in nearly every single one of the anime series. It is arguably the strongest fire – type starter, with moves such as seismic toss and the ability to fly. It’s evolution, Charizard is a fierce looking Pokemon and exepionally powerful Pokemon,…

    What are the names of all the starter Pokemon?

    When we talk about starter Pokemon, a few names will pop up; Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. These three were the first starters among all seven generations.

    What are the starter Pokemon?

    Starter Pokémon, or Starters, are the Pokémon a trainer chooses at the beginning of their Pokémon journey and the main protagonists of the Pokémon series of games. In each generation of Pokémon games, a set of Starter Pokémon are available for new trainers to choose from in sets of three; the types that make up these sets are Fire, Grass, and Water.

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