What is a IT consultant salary?

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What is a IT consultant salary?

As a graduate IT consultant you can expect to earn £20,000 to £30,000. With significant experience, you can earn in the region of £32,000 to £40,000. At a more senior level, if you’ve identified a specialist area, salaries range from £40,000 to £80,000.

What are the responsibilities of an IT consultant?

IT consultants are external analysts who evaluate a company’s IT systems to help them meet their business objectives. Their primary duties include analyzing and diagnosing a company’s IT infrastructure, understanding a client’s business needs, and designing and implementing a technology solution.

What is consultant job description?

Management consultants work to provide solutions to the client’s changing business needs. As they progress in their careers, management consultants are often required to become aligned with a specific industry of their choice and eventually become “experts” in that field.

What qualifications do I need to be an IT consultant?

Qualifications and training required Any degree is acceptable for entry into the profession, but some employers require a relevant subject such as computer science, software engineering, electronic engineering, IT, business studies or maths.

What skills do you need to be an IT consultant?


  • Proven experience as IT Consultant.
  • Ability to troubleshoot hardware,software and network problems.
  • Experience with various operating systems and databases.
  • Experience in project management.
  • An analytical mind with problem-solving abilities.
  • A team player with excellent communication and presentation skills.

What skills do you need to be a consultant?

Examples of valuable consulting skills

  • Creative thinking.
  • Thinking conceptually and practically.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Communicating clearly and empathetically.
  • Collaboration with all job levels.
  • Organization and time management.
  • Curiosity.
  • Credibility.

What skills do you need to be a sales consultant?

Sales Consultant Skills

  • Strong negotiating and selling skills.
  • Be well-groomed and presentable.
  • Have excellent people skills and intuitive to client’s needs.
  • Be fully bilingual (with a third African language being beneficial).
  • Giving professional presentations.
  • Not buckling under pressure and be very target driven.

What skills are needed to be a consultant?

Can I be a consultant without a degree?

There is no degree required to become a consultant; and you also don’t need to be a foremost expert to launch your services. Work on identifying areas where you can solve someone else’s problems.

What to study to become IT consultant?

Consultants usually hold degrees in business administration, finance or economics. However, degrees in psychology, marketing and computer science are common as well among business consultants. To work in a particular industry, consider a minor in that field in addition to a business degree.

What does an IT consultant do?

An information technology consultant (IT consultant) is an individual that provides advice, guidelines and a road map for sourcing, utilizing and managing IT assets and resources. An IT consultant provides organizations with best practices for using IT solutions and services for their business objectives and in solving their problems.

What are the job duties of a consultant?

Analyze Business or Department Operations. One of the primary duties of a consultant is analyzing operations and management of the business as a whole or within a particular segment of the business.

What are the functions of a consultant?

Consultants are professionals with expertise in a particular field who offer advice related to their experience. Consulting, then, is the business of providing advice to clients in order to solve a problem or range of problems within a particular area of business. The majority of consultants have gained their expertise from previous employment.

What are the responsibilities of a business consultant?

A business consultant offers advice to businesses to help them operate more productively and efficiently. Their duties may include gathering information about problems to be improved, interviewing workers, and making presentations and reports for management.

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