What did JFK do during his presidency?

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What did JFK do during his presidency?

Kennedy was the first Catholic elected president. Kennedy’s administration included high tensions with communist states in the Cold War. As a result, he increased the number of American military advisers in South Vietnam. The Strategic Hamlet Program began in Vietnam during his presidency.

What was JFK childhood like?

He was a skinny young man with a narrow face and a sickly constitution. He had been frequently ill while at Choate, and after deciding to attend Princeton rather than follow his father and elder brother to Harvard, he had his freshman year cut short by a bout of jaundice.

What did JFK do in his early years?

He was active in student groups and sports and he worked hard in his history and government classes, though his grades remained only average. Late in 1937, Mr. Kennedy was appointed United States Ambassador to England and moved there with his whole family, with the exception of Joe and Jack who were at Harvard.

Did John Kennedy serve in the military?

For his service in World War II, John F. Kennedy received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal (the highest non-combat decoration awarded for heroism) and the Purple Heart.

What was John F Kennedy greatest accomplishment?

He not only helped the U.S. economy out of a recession, but he created the Peace Corps, helped women achieve fairer wages, contributed to the partial ban of nuclear testing and established the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Was JFK rich?

In 1929, Kennedy’s fortune was estimated to be $4 million (equivalent to $60.3 million today). By 1935, his wealth had increased to $180 million (equivalent to $3.4 billion today).

Was JFK an officer?

A former naval officer, Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on 29 May 1917, to Rose and Joseph P. Kennedy. After completing this training, Kennedy entered the Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Training Center, Melville, Rhode Island. On 10 October, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

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