What ethnicity is Johanna Basford?

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What ethnicity is Johanna Basford?

Johanna Basford OBE (born 1983) is a Scottish illustrator. Her illustrations are hand-drawn, predominantly in black and white, with pencils and pens….Johanna Basford.

OBE Johanna Basford
Born 1983 (age 37–38)
Nationality Scottish
Alma mater Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
Website johannabasford.com

What did Johanna Basford names her Colouring books?

Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford talks about her inspiration for her beautiful best-selling coloring (coloring) books “Secret Garden,” “Enchanted Forest” and “Lost Ocean” Inky Quest & Colouring Books.

Where is Johanna Basford from?

Scotland, United Kingdom
Johanna Basford/Place of birth

What Colouring pencils does Johanna Basford use?

Faber Castell Polychromos. These colouring pencils are divine to use, but pricey.

How old is Johanna?

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Full Real Name Johanna Edelburg.
Known as Johanna Leia.
Age (as of 2021) 40 years old.
Profession Model, Television Personality, Social Media Influencer, and Entrepreneur.
Date of Birth February 19, 1981 (Thursday).

How do I contact Johanna Basford?

  1. Johanna Basford Ltd, Studio 1, Ellon Business Centre, Broomiesburn Road, Ellon, Aberdeenshire AB41 9RD; or.
  2. [email protected]

What paper does Johanna Basford use?

ivory paper
For Magical Jungle Johanna has picked a crisp ivory paper that accentuates and compliments your chosen colour palette. The smooth, untextured pages allows for beautiful blending or gradient techniques with coloured pencils, or are perfect for pens, allowing the nib to glide evenly over the surface without feathering.

What kind of name is Johanna?

Johanna is a feminine name, a variant form of Joanna that originated in Latin in the Middle Ages, including an -h- by analogy with the Latin masculine name Johannes….Johanna.

Gender female
Word/name Hebrew > Greek > Latin
Meaning God is gracious
Other names

When was Johanna Basford born?

April 15, 1983 (age 38 years)
Johanna Basford/Date of birth

What paper is used in Johanna Basford books?

A fibre tip nib or gel pen will still glide effortlessly over the page and allow you to create those bold pops of colour so unique to ink. The paper for these books is actually white! But we print a flat layer of colour onto each page, before the artwork is printed.

How many kids Johanna Leia has?

Johanna Leia Has 2 Kids. Johanna is a proud mom to two children: son Amari Bailey, 17, and daughter Savvy, 7. She shares both her kids with ex Aaron Bailey, who was a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts from 1994 to 1998. It is unknown if Johanna and Aaron were ever married.

What does Johanna Leia do for a living?

Leia is a 40-year-old Los Angeles-based model, entrepreneur, and reality TV star who has appeared on Bringing Up Ballers. Leia is no stranger to the spotlight. In 2017, she starred on Lifetime’s Bringing Up Ballers reality TV series.


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