Is Talk2M Free?

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Is Talk2M Free?

Talk2M Free+ is the by-default and free subscription that applies when you create your Talk2M account. The Talk2M Free+ comes with a number of features that are enough if you don’t need advanced users / devices access rights or segregation, multiple concurrent connections or high volume of data.

What is eWON Talk2M?

The Ewon Cloud Services, called Talk2M, is the Ewon solution connecting you – wherever your are – to your factory. Talk2M acts as a bridge that allows your factory – especially the machines in this factory – and your computer, mobile device or monitoring system to be interconnected.

What is Talk2M?

Talk2M is the cloud-based connection service that allows you to securely connect to your remotely deployed eWON devices. By utilizing the Talk2M connection service with an account for your organization, you are able to program and troubleshoot your machine’s PLCs remotely, just like you are there.

How do I create a Talk2M account?

Once the eCatcher software is installed, you can launch eCatcher to create your Free+ account on the Talk2M server. Click on the “Create a Free+ account” link and the following window will show up: Enter the Account name you want to create and specify the User name, Password and Email address for your account.

How do I use Talk2M?

To use Talk2M, an Ewon VPN router is installed at the remote site and acts as a VPN client. The Ewon connects to one of the nearest VPN servers hosted by Talk2M. To connect to the Ewon VPN router, remote users run eCatcher, the VPN client software, to connect to the same VPN server.

What is EWON router?

Ewon industrial routers (DIN rail mounted, 24VDC) are built to fit within the automafion panel and can communicate with both Ethernet and serial devices . The Talk2M server acts as a secure broker and completes the encrypted VPN tunnel between the remote user and the equipment connected to the Ewon router.

What ports does EWON use?

Addresses for Ewon Devices

IP Address Hostname Port (if you are using the firmware update feature through the Ewon Cosy + web interface) TCP 443

How does Ewon Cosy work?

The Ewon Cosy establishes a secure VPN connection from the machine to anywhere in the world via Talk2M, a cloud-based remote connectivity solution. The gateway seamlessly communicates on the local area network with the PLC and the HMI, and allows remote connection from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How do I connect to Ewon Cosy?

Simply highlight your eWON and click on the “Connect” button. 3.2 Once connected, if you have plugged an Ethernet device in your eWON COSY’s LAN port, you should be able to ping its IP address.

How do I connect to EWON COSY?

How do I use Remote Desktop with eWON?

We suppose the eWON was correctly configured to have its VPN connection to Talk2M and the PC where you want use “Remote Desktop Connection” is connected to the eWON using eCatcher. 2.1. 1 Go to Control Panel => System => Select tab “Remote”. This PC now is ready to allow a remote connection.

How do I connect to eWON Internet?

You can get an access to the Internet, beside the Talk2M-VPN tunnel, if needed.

  1. Make sure you have full Internet access available.
  2. Activate the NAT feature on the eWON.
  3. Allow traffic forwarding.
  4. WAN connection.
  5. Gateway address.
  6. NAT and TF on WAN.

How much does it cost for talk2m Pro License?

Annual fee for Talk2M subscription Pro: 3 simultaneous connections, unlimited number of M2web connections (routers), 50 SMS per month and 6 GB of data traffic per month. Annual fee for Talk2M subscription Pro: 3 simultaneous connections, unlimited number of M2web connections (routers), 50 SMS per month and 6 GB of data traffic per month.

How much does Ewon talk2m Pro Pack cost?

Ewon Talk2M Pro Pack 12-Month Service For Up To 3 Concurrent Connections, 9 GB/mo Traffic, and 50 SMS/mo. Product ID: TM50041 PRICE: $899.00

How many talk2m accounts are there per day?

Talk2M gathers thousands of accounts and manages thousands of connections per day including full audit trail connection tracking. Anyone who has already set up a M2M communication, or more specifically a VPN connection, knows that it is not an easy task and that it requires a lot of skill.

Which is the best talk2m service for remote access?

As remote access remains an important operation in terms of security, Talk2M Pro service provides a powerful access control process available through eCatcher.

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