What are the different types of discus fish?

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What are the different types of discus fish?

Red Discus
Blue discus
Discus/Lower classifications

Discus are among the most beautiful and most commonly kept species of cichlids. They belong to the genus Symphysodon, which essentially contains three species: the Heckel Discus (S. discus), the Green Discus (S. aequifasciatus), and the Blue and Brown Discus (S.

How many strains of discus are there?

They are available from 5cm to 21cm and currently there are 27 varieties or “strains” to choose from. It is a very common misconception that Discus are difficult to keep, and whilst this remains the case for wild caught fish, the Stendker Discus have a worldwide reputation for being robust and easy to keep.

What color will my discus be?

As they grow and begin to take shape, all colors of Discus fry 1 to 1-1/2 inch begin to take on a solid burnt reddish/orange color. At a size of 2 to 3-1/2 inch, they begin to show about 10% of their inherited color.

What is the most popular discus fish?

So, I picked out some of the most popular to talk about, just know there are so many more out there!

  • Pigeon Blood Discus.
  • Cobalt Discus.
  • Blue Diamond Discus.
  • Snakeskin Discus.
  • Ring Leopard Discus.
  • Marlboro Red Discus.
  • Tangerine Discus.
  • Checkerboard Discus.

How do you keep discus fish?

These fish are very difficult to keep…

  1. Keep them in groups, as they are a shoaling species.
  2. Provide them with chemically clean water.
  3. Undertake weekly water changes of a minimum 25%.
  4. Install a fully mature biological filter.
  5. Maintain a consistent pH and hardness, as advised by the supplier.

Can I keep just two discus?

Inside a 20-gallon tank, you can easily keep 2 discus fish including tank accessories. This will be the ideal tank size for a pair of fish to live and carry on their daily activities. Discus fish fry also start harming their parents after a few weeks so separating them into another tank is the right option for you.

Can you keep just 1 discus?

(That’s why people recommend doing all those frequent water changes.) Many customers ask us, “Can I keep one discus?” Technically, the answer is yes. The same thing applies with discus. However, they are schooling fish by nature and are much happier when surrounded by a large group of their own kind.

How many fry do discus have?

Many different types of fry food were attempted, but at most 1-6 fry were all that could be saved from batches of up to 200 fry.

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