How many seats are in a row at Razorback Stadium?

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How many seats are in a row at Razorback Stadium?

23 rows
Razorback Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas Each section has no more than 23 rows of seating and each seat comes with chai…

What side is the home side at Razorback Stadium?

Razorback Stadium, section East Side, home of Arkansas Razorbacks.

What is pig heaven at Razorback Stadium?

The Pig Heaven are the lower half of the 500 level sections and each section only has four rows of seating on the east side, and two rows of seating on the west side. All Pig Heaven seats have chairback-style seating, and with the smaller sections it is easier to get to and from their seats.

How large is Donald W Reynolds Razorback Stadium?

Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium

Field size 360 by 160 feet (110 m × 49 m)
Surface Natural Grass (2019)
Broke ground 1937
Opened September 24, 1938

Are fans allowed at Razorback football games?

The stadium will be back to 100% capacity for the 2021 football season. Per the University of Arkansas mask policy, fans will be required to wear masks in the indoor parts of the stadium like Hog Heaven, restrooms and the clubs. In the outdoor spaces, masks are strongly encouraged but aren’t required.

What can you take into Razorback stadium?

Bags brought into the stadium must be a small clutch purse (no larger than 4.5” x 6.5”), a resealable plastic freezer bag (no bigger than 1 gallon) or a clear plastic, PVC or vinyl bag (no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”). A clear bag may have a logo on one side that is 4.5” x 3.4” or smaller.

What should I wear to a Razorback football game?

While some students choose to wear cocktail dresses or nice dress slacks, a much more casual approach is also very acceptable on game day. A simple razorback t-shirt and shorts is a very viable option for game day wear.

Where are the Razorbacks located?

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United StatesArkansas Razorbacks men’s basketball / Location

Can you bring a blanket into a college football game?

Fans may carry a blanket over their arms, and binoculars and/or camera around their necks or in their hands without the case. Fans may also use the clear bag and clutch to carry these items and other permissible items. Every member of the family may carry in a permissible bag.

Can you bring food into Baum Stadium?

Re-entry is permitted at Baum-Walker Stadium with the appropriate re-entry hand stamp and ticket. No outside food or beverages are permitted inside the ballpark, with the exception of the Hog Pen. There are concession stands located throughout the concourse on both the third and first base lines.

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