Is 270 a good long range shooting?

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Is 270 a good long range shooting?

The 270 shot very well out to about 1200 yards, and we went out to 1500 but the wind was really working our bullets at that range.

How long can a 270 shoot?

The cartridge demonstrated high performance at the time of its introduction and was marketed as being suitable for big game shooting in the 270 to 460 metres (300 to 500 yd) range, when that was considered long-range hunting. With modern bullets and optics, it is easily a 1,000 yard cartridge.

Is a 270 A long action win?

A . 270 would be classified as a long action cartridge.

What does 270 mean in guns?

Caliber usually is measured as the diameter of the bore from land to opposite land and is expressed in hundredths of an inch, thousandths of an inch, or millimeters. For example, a . 270-caliber rifle bore measures 270/1000ths of an inch in diameter between the lands and has a larger bore diameter than a .

Does a 270 shoot flat?

The 270 Winchester was engineered to shoot flatter than its parent case, the 30-06. Velocity had been, and the 270 Winchester pushing a 130-grain spitzer quickly gained a reputation as a flat-shooting speed demon.

Is the 270 accurate?

270 has been curiously absent: the hyper-charged area of pure accuracy. No question about it, the . 270 has accuracy aplenty to take down an antelope at 300 yards, but that is a universe apart from the degree of accuracy needed to consistently drill five holes in a 1-inch circle at that same 300 yards.

What is the difference between long and short action rifles?

A short-action rifle simply uses a shorter length cartridge than a long-action rifle. Short action cartridges have an overall length of 2.3-2.8 inches while long action cartridges have an overall length of 2.8-3.34 inches.

Which is better a 270 or 308?

270 Winchester shoots lighter bullets than the . 308 and the . 308 ammo shooting bullets weighing as little as 110 grains, most . 308 Winchester factory loads designed for big game hunting use heavier weight bullets in the 150 grain to 180 grain range.

Is the 270 a good rifle?

270 Winchester makes it great for animals that are more likely to require longer range shots like mule deer or pronghorn. By the same token, the fact that the . 270 also has a relatively mild recoil also makes it a great cartridge for mountain hunts where a lightweight rifle is really desirable.

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