Did NASA invent astroglide?

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Did NASA invent astroglide?

Astroglide was one of the first personal liquid lubricants. Dan Wray, a subcontractor for NASA in the 1970s, accidentally invented it when he was trying to create a lubricant to help space shuttles re-enter the atmosphere.

Does astroglide really work?

Astroglide Gel This gel is amazing,it works so well and lasts a very long time.It is also very easy cleanup. Try a sample today or the best thing is just go buy some, you won’t be disappointed.

Does astroglide have numbing agent?

Our lubricants contain no numbing agents.

Is astroglide better than KY?

Cavanah says that of the two, AstroGlide is the best choice. “That is far better than the K-Y jelly their mother in law has in the cabinet,” she says. K-Y is meant for clinical uses, like inserting a rectal thermometer. It doesn’t stay slippery for as long those designed for sex do.

Why was Astroglide invented?

How long has Astroglide been around?

About Astroglide Founded in 1991, BioFilm, Inc. is headquartered in Vista, CA where Astroglide is produced on-site in its manufacturing facility under FDA guidelines and strict in-house quality procedures. BioFilm’s number one priority is to provide its customers with the highest quality products possible.

Which is better Astroglide liquid or gel?

While slightly more expensive than the gel form, liquid lubricants don’t gunk-up or congeal like gels often do. Also, water-soluble lubes rinse off easily, they don’t stain your sheets, and they are compatible with condoms and most sex toys. Silicone lube also destroys silicone and rubber sex toys.

Can Astroglide cause yeast infections?

But the main reason is that the original formulas of both K-Y and Astroglide contain both glycerin and parabens, which are ingredients that I recommend avoiding, primarily because glycerin can cause yeast infections in some women and because parabens can cause irritation in some people and have been inconclusively …

What does astroglide taste like?

It does smell and taste like strawberries but that smell kind of sticks with you and is hard to wash off. So you go out shopping after a nice afternoon of sex and that smell of strawberries kind of trails along with you.

Which is better astroglide liquid or gel?

Is it safe to use Astroglide as lubricant?

A: Whether you choose a water based lube or a silicone lube, most Astroglide personal lubricants are latex safe (check product packaging for more info). Q: Where to buy Astroglide Gel?

What does Astroglide gel do for a woman?

Astroglide Gel is a female enhancement product that mimics the natural fluids that protect you by providing some moisture against chafing.

Is it bad to have dry sex after using Astroglide?

Dryness can be a result of a variety of health and emotional problems. Just because it’s harder for you to get wet down there doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t enjoy sex anymore. You just need help, and it’s time a quality lubricant can help you bring back that feisty sex life. Yes, it’s never too late to enjoy your time together as a couple.

Who are the companies that make Astroglide products?

A privately-held company founded in 1991, BioFilm, Inc., manufactures and distributes high-quality personal health products under the ASTROGLIDE brand.

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