How do planetary interactions start?

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How do planetary interactions start?

Planetary Interaction Guide

  1. Train Planetary Infrastructure Skills.
  2. Find a Planet.
  3. Planet Types. Distribution of Planet Types.
  4. Buy a Command Center.
  5. Build the Command Center.
  6. Set up an Extractor and Survey for Deposits.
  7. Set up an Industry Facility to Manufacture Products.
  8. Set up a Storage Facility.

What are planetary commodities eve?

Planetary Commodities are the materials and resources generated through Planetary Industry.

How do I start PI in EVE?

Starting PI

  1. Factory PI, where you just setup factory planets and import a ton of low end materials that you bought on the market and then produce something higher tier.
  2. Extraction PI, where you extract the materials on your own and sell them on the market. (
  3. Hybrid of both, where you extract materials AND process them.

How do you get planetary production Eve?

To engage in Planetary Industry, pilots need to purchase the correct Command Center for their chosen planet from the market. There are eight types of Command Centers (one for each type of planet). Once the correct Command Center is placed on a planet other facilities such as extractors and processors may be placed.

What is eve pi?

Planetary Industry (PI) (previously called Planetary Interaction or Planetary Production (PP)), is a type of Industry that allows pilots to create industrial colonies on just about any planet in the EVE universe. The aim of this is producing goods from raw materials extracted from the planet.

Can you go on planets in EVE Online?

Yes for a while there will be systems and planets you have not explored. Stay in the game long enough and you will eventually explore everything there is to explore.

Are there any downsides to doing p2-p4 planetary interaction?

The biggest downside of doing P2-P3 then P4 is the export-import-export fees. Unless you have low-tax custom offices available to you, it may be difficult to break even on P4 creation and possibly more profitable (definitely more simple) to sell your P3 outright.

How are raw materials used in planetary interaction?

All commodities are used in some way or another. P0, raw materials, are the building blocks of better materials. Compression, converting Raw → P1 → P2 etc., is just as important as managing 6 colonies that only produce P1 Materials. PI Lesson: Such negativity!

How many planets can you produce P4 goods?

You could produce all available P4 goods with an absolute minimum of five planets – Barren, Gas, Lava, Oceanic, and Temperate, but realistically you’d need more.

What is the Pi lesson in planetary interaction?

PI Lesson: Your extractor heads for extracting raw materials to process into P0-P4 Commodities operate on cycle that you must restart at an interval you decide. A longer cycle (up to 14 days) will not yield you any more than 1 hour cycles over the same amount of time.

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