Where are the spark plugs located on a 2004?

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Where are the spark plugs located on a 2004?

There are four spark plugs on the engine located on the driver’s side in the middle of the engine. The rubber-covered wires on the distributor cap will guide you down to the four spark plugs on the side of the engine. This is a job that will take a basic knowledge of this vehicle and about 35 minutes.

How many spark plugs are in a Ford Expedition?

4.6L and 5.4L Spark Plug Replacement, Cylinder by Cylinder. An army of extensions and flex joints are required to reach the various spark plugs. Four different extension variations are required to change all 8 spark plugs. Step 1 of the process is to remove the ignition coil and fuel injector connectors.

Where are my spark plugs located?

The spark plugs are typically located at the top of the cylinder head. The piston moves down the cylinder where it take in a combination of air and fuel. Next, the piston travels back up to the spark plug, compressing the mixture.

What are the symptoms of a bad spark plug?

What are the signs your Spark Plugs are failing?

  • Engine has a rough idle. If your Spark Plugs are failing your engine will sound rough and jittery when running at idle.
  • Trouble starting. Car won’t start and you’re late for work… Flat battery?
  • Engine misfiring.
  • Engine surging.
  • High fuel consumption.
  • Lack of acceleration.

Does a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer have spark plugs?

Bosch Fine Wire Iridium Spark Plug.

How much does it cost to change spark plugs on Ford Expedition?

The estimated cost is between $325 and $385 for a Ford Expedition spark plug replacement or tune up. It is projected that the labor costs are $225 to $285, while the repair components are priced at $100.

What year Fords have the spark plug problem?

The original equipment Motorcraft brand spark plugs that were factory installed in many late model (2004 to 2008) Ford trucks with 5.4L V8 and 6.8L V10 engines, 2005 to 2007 Mustang GT 4.6 & 5.4L V8 engines, and 2008 Mustang GT models built prior to 11/30/07) can break when you attempt to remove them!

What are the symptoms of bad spark plugs?

When should I replace my spark plugs?

Spark plugs are somewhat durable components and don’t need to be replaced too often, that said, the general recommendation is about every 30,000 to 90,000 miles. Each vehicle may differ on when they should be replaced.

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