Why is it called a negligee?

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Why is it called a negligee?

Originally, “negligee” referred to a long necklace of irregular beads or coral. It was so named because this random collection of trinkets seemed to be assembled out of carelessness or negligence. Eventually, “negligee” came to denote a similarly casual garment, often made of soft, delicate fiber.

What does neglige mean?

Noun. 1. neglige – a loose dressing gown for women. housecoat, negligee, peignoir, wrapper. brunch coat – a woman’s short housecoat or wrapper.

When was the word negligee invented?

It was introduced in France in the 18th century. It is thought that the answer does not mean the garment is neglected or that the wearer of such a garment will be neglected. It actually refers to the housework which will be neglected by anyone wearing a negligee.

What’s another word for negligee?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for negligee, like: nightdress, pajamas, nightgown, camisole, nightie, peignoir, kimono, robe, neglige, wrapper and clothes.

What is a negligee nightie?

The negligee or négligée (French: négligé [negliʒe]; lit. ‘neglected’), also known in French as déshabillé ([dezabije]), is a form of see-through clothing for women consisting of a sheer, usually long, dressing gown. It is a form of nightgown intended for wear at night and in the bedroom.

Is negligee a French word?

Who invented the teddy lingerie?

“Teddy Bear” undergarments may have been designed and named by a Chicago clothing manufacturer named Theodore Bear – “Teddy Bear.” Dry Goods Reporter (Chicago), May 2, 1915, page 28. Theodore Bear was born in Germany in about 1864.

What is a peignoir set?

A peignoir is a fancy, somewhat old fashioned nightgown or lightweight, loose robe.

What is the difference between a negligee and nightgown?

As nouns the difference between negligee and nightie is that negligee is while nightie is (informal) a woman’s nightgown or nightdress; a dress-like garment worn to bed.

Where does the word negligee come from in Dictionary?

borrowed from French négligé “casualness, casual or informal dress,” from past participle of négliger “to disregard, neglect, treat carelessly,” going back to Middle French negliger, borrowed from Latin neglegere, neclegere, necligere “to disregard, do nothing about, fail to care for” — more at neglect entry 1

What does it mean when a woman wears a negligee?

English Language Learners Definition of negligee : a long piece of clothing made of a thin material (such as silk) that is worn in bed by women See the full definition for negligee in the English Language Learners Dictionary

Who is the only weirdo that wears a negligee?

— San Diego Union-Tribune, 30 Sep. 2019 The only non-weirdo is Eurydice, who throws temper tantrums in her nighties and negligees, properly enraged by her mistreatment by men and gods. — Los Angeles Times, 12 Sep. 2019 Her eyes seem to have lost their vigour, her complexion is now a dirty negligee pink satin.

What did Marjorie wear to work in a negligee?

Marjorie had already donned a negligee and was hastily thrusting her feet into quilted satin slippers. Finally he gave them up too, and one morning came to work wearing a flimsy, sleazy, negligee shirt. A lady dressed in negligee robe de chambre of blue satin lies upon the sofa, propped up with pillows.

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