Is Paul Walker in the last scene of Fast and Furious 7?

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Is Paul Walker in the last scene of Fast and Furious 7?

Following Paul Walker’s death during the production of Furious 7, some scenes were completed using CGI and his brothers as body doubles. After Paul Walker died during the filming of Furious 7, director James Wan faced the difficult task of giving Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, a proper send-off from the franchise.

Was Paul Walker in the final scene?

Walker’s final scene had Brian O Connor (his character in the franchise) retire from the life of crime and settle down with his wife and child. The last moments of the film had Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) saying goodbye to one another whilst driving side by side on an open road.

Why did Brian let Toretto go?

Brian admits to Roman that the reason he let Dominic go in Los Angeles was because of the guilt he experienced after learning he’d been arrested. Though Brian assures his friend he would’ve done anything for him if it were possible, Roman accepts that his arrest was his fault and Brian was not to blame.

Is Paul Walker still alive in F9?

Walker died in 2014, but his character has been honored in the franchise with nods in Fate of the Furious (2017) and now, F9. Says Brewster: “When Brian’s Skyline pulled up and I saw it in the theater, I was balling. Every time we honor Brian within the universe, it’s really special.”

What was the last scene in Furious 7?

After losing Paul Walker in 2013, they were able to grieve him along with the movie’s cast and crew, who managed to give his character a nearly perfect goodbye. If you ask Vin Diesel, Paul Walker’s “last ride” in Furious 7 wasn’t just a powerful movie moment. He thinks it was the best scene in cinematic history.

How did Paul Walker change the ending of Furious 7?

But, Brian’s role in the finale wasn’t completely changed, as Walker did film significant scenes from the third act, including Dom’s possible death. For the scenes that Walker didn’t film, a mixture of body doubles, CGI, and old footage were used to finish Brian’s role.

When did production stop on fast and Furious 7?

The devastating loss of the franchise star resulted in production shutting down for months as the cast and crew grieved. After taking four months off from filming, Furious 7 ‘s production resumed in March of 2014 to finish the movie, but also with a plan in place to write Brian O’Conner out of the franchise.

What was Vin Diesel’s favorite fast and Furious movie?

Fun fact Vin Diesel was watching Polar Express today and now plans have him driving a train with him and the crew on it going over a frozen body of water while Dom organization chases them in Fast and Furious 10. Chris Nolan’s favorite Fast and Furious movie is Tokyo Drift!…

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