Who is Ceres partners and what do they do?

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Who is Ceres partners and what do they do?

Premier Asset Manager Focused Exclusively on Food and Agriculture. Ceres Partners is a specialist investment manager focused exclusively on food and agriculture. Ceres Partners manages two investment vehicles with distinct strategies and investment objectives: Ceres Farms, LLC which invests in U.S.

What are the assets of Ceres Farms LLC?

As of June 30th, 2020, Ceres Farms had total assets of $914 million. Ceres Farms’ investment objectives are to provide income, and capital appreciation, with low volatility and low correlation to other asset classes.

What kind of crops do Ceres farms grow?

Ceres Farms acquires properties and leases them to local farmers who grow corn, soybeans, wheat or specialty crops on a scheduled rotation. Ceres is especially proud of the extensive network of experienced farmers that it has teamed up with to create a proven partnership where all parties benefit.

What kind of fund is Ceres Food and Agriculture Opportunity Fund?

Private Equity Ceres Food & Agriculture Opportunity Fund (FAO) is a private equity fund vehicle that invests growth equity in diverse emerging operating companies in the food and agriculture sector. Learn More About FAO Strategies

What do you need to know about Ceres rural?

Ceres Rural offers you a full scope of experience-led farming consultancy, technical support and business management. You are provided with independent advice and services from qualified professionals, tailoring unique solutions in line with your specific requirements and means. This opens in a new window.

How many people are on the Ceres team?

More than 650 team members deliver agronomy, energy and feed solutions daily. We get to know your business and deliver the insights to help it thrive. Build experiences and relationships fully supported by a talented team.

Where does Charles Ceres farm in Cambridge UK?

Today, Charles is based just south of Cambridge, where he services clients across the eastern region. Charles has a range of experience, managing contract farming agreements, joint ventures and providing retained consultancy to clients.


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