What happens if a Cubs game gets rained out?

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What happens if a Cubs game gets rained out?

When a rainout occurs the affected game can either be delayed/postponed or rescheduled. If the event is postponed or delayed due to weather, the game is usually played later that same day, once the weather clears.

What happens if MLB game is rained out tickets?

If a game is rained out before play begins, it is rescheduled for a later date. If a game has completed the bottom half of the 5th inning and either team is ahead, and in Minor League Baseball and college games if it is the final game of the series, the game can be deemed an official game.

Do you get a refund if MLB game is rained out?

No refunds will be given. In the event of a rained out game and the stadium gates are not opened, guests should retain possession of their tickets (rain check).

Can I exchange my Cubs tickets?

The Cubs allow 10 percent of your full-priced ticket order to be refunded, provided that the tickets are returned at least 10 days prior to the game. There will be no refunds for discounted tickets. All sales are final. Refunds will not be made for changes in game time, weather-related delays or other reasons.

How do you know if a Cubs game is rained out?

On the Cubs’ website it says: “Rainout/Rain Check Policy: In the event a game is not played, your paid ticket serves as a rain check, so it is important to keep your original ticket. Specific information regarding a rainout and rescheduling will be posted on Cubs.com, as soon as it becomes available.”

Do Cubs play in rain?

The Chicago Cubs’ Tuesday game against the Colorado Rockies has been postponed due to rain, the team says. The first game of the doubleheader will start as originally scheduled at 1:20 p.m. Fans will have to leave the ballpark after the conclusion of the first game, the team says.

Why don’t they play baseball in the rain?

When it rains at a baseball field, a dirt infield will begin to turn into mud. This is problematic for all players because the baseball can easily become heavier, wet, and discolored. When a baseball becomes altered this way, it is harder for the batter to see the ball, which poses additional risks to the batter.

How do you find out if a baseball game is rained out?

If the rainout occurs towards the end of the season and the game has no bearing on the championship, it may simply be dropped from the schedule. Spectators who have bought tickets for a game which becomes a rainout are issued a “rain check” (usually, the ticket stub is considered the rain check).

What happens to MLB postponed?

(5) Any postponed game, suspended game (that has not progressed far enough to become a regulation game), or tie game that has not been rescheduled and completed prior to the last scheduled game between the two teams during the championship season must be played (or continued, in the case of a suspended or tie game) to …

How many season tickets do the Cubs sell?

1,805,423 tickets
For the season, the Cubs have sold 1,805,423 tickets, or 24,072 per date. The total ranks seventh in MLB and the average ranks eighth.

How many people are on the Cubs season ticket waiting list?

It was a significant number a couple of years ago and we’ve continued every year to take a look at that as we bring in new season ticket holders as well.” Faulkner said they had a record 98 percent ticket renewal last year and a waiting list of around 109,000.

What happens if a Cubs game is rained out?

Rainout/Postponement: A game that is rained out or postponed will not be played that day due to inclement weather. In the event of a rainout or postponement, your ticket will be good for any regular season game later in the season and may be exchanged at Four Winds Field box office for a ticket of equal or lesser value subject to availability.

How to get tickets to Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs?

For more information, please call Fan Services at 773-388-8270 or email [email protected] The Chicago Cubs (the “Cubs” or the “Club”) wants all fans to have an enjoyable experience while attending a game at historic Wrigley Field.

When does a baseball game get a rainout?

If game officials feel that the inclement weather will not pass in a reasonable amount of time, an official rainout is announced.

What are the rules and regulations of Wrigley Field?

It is not intended to be a complete statement of the rules and regulations of Wrigley Field. Chicago Cubs reserve the right to change or modify these rules at our discretion. Nothing in this document should be construed as a contract between the Chicago Cubs and any other party.

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