Can Nuvo player play Apple music?

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Can Nuvo player play Apple music?

— July 7, 2020 — Legrand | AV today announced that Apple AirPlay 2 support has arrived for Nuvo Player Portfolio systems worldwide. They can stream Apple Music throughout their homes, in addition to any other supported service, their iTunes libraries, favorite podcasts, and more.

How do I add music to Nuvo?

Let’s stream some music! To add a streaming service to your Nuvo system, open the Nuvo Player App on your mobile device and press the icon. 1Select the Music Services option. 2Select the Add service button.

How does Nuvo player work?

The NuVo Wireless consists of a Wi-Fi gateway (the GW100) and two Wi-Fi player/amps: the 60 watt x2 P200 and the 20 watt x2 P100. The gateway connects to your home network and lets each player receive streamed music independently. You just add your own speakers.

How do I play Amazon music on Nuvo?

They simply open the Nuvo Player App on their iOS or Android device, click on Settings/Services/Add Service, tap the Amazon Music logo, and log in using their existing Amazon Music account or by creating a new one.

How do you reset a NuVo?


  1. Turn off the power to the zone using the power button on the back panel of the player.
  2. Turn the power back on.
  3. When the front panel LED flashes white the first time, touch the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  4. When the flashing LED turns green, let go of the buttons.

What is NuVo music?

NuVo Technologies’ new Music Port is a compact package of hardware and software that enables home desktop and laptop PCs to act both as sources and as controllers in a NuVo Grand Concerto or Essentia E6G multi-room audio system.NuVo’s Music Port web interface.

Does NuVo support Spotify?

NuVo seems to support Spotify. You need to have a spotify premium account. The account information can be entered using NuVo config (192.168. 1.107/Config/Software.

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