What books should I read for IFS?

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What books should I read for IFS?

Best Books for UPSC IFS 2021 Preparation for Indian Polity

  • Our Constitution by Subhash C. Kashyap.
  • P.M. Bakshi by Indian Constitution.
  • Our Parliament by Publication Division – Subhash C. Kashyap.
  • Indian Constitution by D.D. Basu.
  • Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth.
  • NCERT (+2 level) Textbooks.

What should I study for Indian Forest Service?

The main exam consists of a written exam and personal interview. Candidates with Bachelor’s degree in subjects like Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology, Agriculture, Forestry or in Engineering are eligible to appear for the IFS exam.

Which degree is best for Indian Forest Service?

Candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree with at least one of the subjects namely, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology or a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or Forestry or Engineering of a recognised university or equivalent.

Which rank is needed for IFS?

Final rank Allocated for IAS, IPS, and IFS in 2016 (UPSC Rank Wise Post – 2016)

Services Last Rank
IFS 740
IPS 793
IRS (IT) 969
IRS (C&CE) 970

Is IAS and IFS exam same?

Is IFS and IAS exam same? Ans. IFS and IAS officers get selected through the same examination, which is the Civil Services Examination. Services and cadres are allocated as per the Cadre Allocation Policy of the UPSC after the declaration of the UPSC merit list.

Is IFS exam easy?

It is a prestigious job as you are serving and representing the nation. You should be focused as it is not easy to crack these exams. An IFS officer is the one who represents the nation in various countries. So, you should mold your personality accordingly.

Which is the best book for Indian forestry?

I bought Indian Forestry by K. Manikandan and S. Prabhu .and kept in my cupboard hahaha, didn’t open it before prelims, as I was busy in prelims preparation along with glancing over geology. I can really tell you, this book is crap. A shoddy copy paste work, but whatever is there in syllabus this book covers it about 90% in a decent manner.

Which is an optional subject in Indian Forest Service?

Indian forestry by Manikandan and Prabhu, which is widely available. As pure science or engineering graduates, we are through with one subject like agriculture, mathematics or mechanical engineering etc and that subject can be selected as our first optional. However forest service exam demands two optional subjects. Second optional can be geology.

What is the exam pattern for UPSC Indian Forest Service?

UPSC Indian Forest Service Examination or UPSC IFS Exam Pattern: Eligible candidates will be required to appear for a Civil Services (Preliminary) Exam (Objective type) Exam. After qualifying it Candidates will appear in Indian Forest Service (Main) Written Exam followed by an Interview.

What are good geology text books to refer for UPSC IFOs?

They focus on freelancer-clien(Continue reading) some of the recommended books for geology:Text Book of Physical Geology – MahapatraGeology by K M BangarIn addition to this,follow some YouTube channels dedicated to geology for understanding few concepts.Try to prepare answers of last 15 years question papers of UPSC Ifs mains.

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