How much does it cost to print name cards?

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How much does it cost to print name cards?

They start from $17.99, $26.99 and $22.94 for 250 of each respectively. Vistaprint is also the go-to name card printing in Singapore if you have a particular paper stock or finish in mind….1. Vistaprint.

Type of Information Details
Price of Printing Standard Name Cards 250 pieces for S$17.99 (double-sided)

Is it cheaper to print your own cards?

Printing custom photo and art cards on your desktop printer is surprisingly affordable! If you are going to sell your cards, you have plenty of room to make a respectable profit. When you consider that store bought cards cost $4-$5 on average, printing your own just makes sense.

How many name cards are in a box?

The standard business card size is (90x54mm). Please make it (95x59mm) as 5mm around the trim size will be trimmed off. There are a +/- 5pcs of business cards due to production losses. There should be 95-105pcs per box and this shall not be a reason for return/refund.

What is the size of name card?

3.5″x 2″
Standard business cards are 3.5″x 2″ – but have you ever thought about why most cards are exactly that size and shape?

How do I create a namecard?

How to design a business card in 8 steps —

  1. Choose your shape.
  2. Choose your size.
  3. Add your logo and other graphics.
  4. Add necessary text.
  5. Choose your typography.
  6. Consider special finishes.
  7. Pick a designer.
  8. Finalize your design.

What is the size of a business card in CM?

8.9 x 5.1cm
What’s the standard Business Card size in cm? Standard-size Business Cards are 8.9 x 5.1cm.

How much does it cost to print 10000 business cards?

Standard Business Cards: Make a Lasting Impression

100 $7.70 $13.93
1000 $18.90 $22.40
2500 $41.30 $49.70
5000 $63.70 $69.65
10000 $111.30 $119.70

What is E business card?

Electronic Business Cards make it easier to create, view, and share contact information in Outlook. An Electronic Business Card displays contact information similar to a paper business card. You can create an Electronic Business Card from new information or from contact information that you already have in Outlook.

Which is the cheapest business card in Singapore?

With the latest IT technology, Easitech is glad to offer 100pcs name card from $2.50, this is the cheapest printing in Singapore. Our premium business card printing is all using full color offset printing which is higher resolution and commonly use for printing magazine and catalogue in huge quantity.

Which is the best name card printing in Singapore?

Below are the materials and additional finishing for business name card printing in Singapore, Artcard 260gsm. This is the most economic card. Apart from the attractive price, Artcard 260gsm is popular for name card printing due to its ability to preserve the vividness of colours of your designs. Colourful designs work very well with this material.

Which is the best Express name card printing?

We Offer a Few Type of Name Cards: 1 Express digital name card printing (260gms Artcard / 300gsm Matt White) 2 Express digital name card printing (310gsm Artcard / 350gsm Matt White) 3 Express digital name card printing (260GSM Textured Paper / 290GSM Marble White) 4 Express digital name card printing (330GSM Naturalis Vanilla Smooth) More

Is it cheap to print a business card?

Standard Business Name Card Card Printing (with Lamination) Not only is adding lamination to your instant business cards relatively low cost when you order from us, doing so also gives it an added smooth luxurious feel compared to regular printed name cards, which can convey your attention to detail to potential customers.

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