Is a 600 cfm carb too big for a 302?

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Is a 600 cfm carb too big for a 302?

A 600 cfm Edelbrock is fine for a 289/302. If you have any kind of aftermarket cam or other mods, read your plugs in a couple hundred miles.

How much horsepower is in a Ford 390?

250 HP
Ford 390 Specifications

BORE 4.05 INCHES (102.87 MM)
STROKE 3.785 INCHES (96.14 MM)
HORSEPOWER (1963) 250 HP (190 kW)

What CFM carb do I need for a 454?

Because the 454 is less efficient, it doesn’t need as much cfm, so a 750cfm carb would be fine while a 650 cfm carb would be too small.

Is a 650 cfm carb too big for a 302?

Yep, 650 is too big for a street 302.

Is a 750 cfm carb too big for a 302?

Its either the jets are too big or if its a Holley it could have a blown power valve or it may be leaking gas from the floats being set too high. In general, if you take a 750 cfm carb out of the box and bolt it on a 302 it may need to be rejetted down some but not always.

Can you stroke a Ford 390?

Of all the FE series big-blocks produced during the type’s 18-year production run, the 390 is easily the most common. With a 4.050-inch bore and 3.780-inch stroke there’s plenty of room to grow this engine into a 430-plus cubic inch beast without spending a lot of money.

What kind of carburetor do I need for my Ford 390?

The 2 Barrel Carburetor is an aftermarket 2-barrel carburetor that acts as a replacement for your old Ford 390 carburetor. This particular part will increase the amount of horsepower your vehicle has while also the original fuel mileage your automobile has been rated for.

When was the Ford 390 V8 engine introduced?

The 390 V8 engine was first introduced in 1961 and was Ford’s chance to jump ahead of the all-new Chevrolet 409 that was introduced later the same year.

What is the CFM rating for a 2 bbl carburetor?

In other words the CFM tests for 1 and 2 BBL carburetors are done with the testing equipment sucking twice as hard. If you want to compare the CFM rating of a 2 BBL to that of a 4 BBL multiply the 2 BBL rating by 0.707.

How much air does a 390 cubic inch engine use?

So a 390 cubic inch engine at 5000 RPM can theoretically use 390*5000/2 or 975000 cubic inches of air per minute. Lets divide that by the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot (12*12*12 or 1728) which gives us 564 CFM.

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