How steep is the Applecross pass?

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How steep is the Applecross pass?

626 metres
It boasts the greatest ascent of any road climb in the UK, rising from sea level at Applecross to 626 metres (2,054 ft). Boasting an average gradient of seven per cent, the fierce road kicks up to much more than that with some of the steepest sections close to the summit.

Is the Applecross pass one way?

One of the most spectacular parts of the journey to Applecross is the Bealach Na Ba (or Pass of the Cattle in English). This is a narrow single track road, so just one lane all the way, with passing places. It rises from sea level to 626m in 9.1km.

What is the Applecross pass?

The Applecross Pass is the third highest road in Scotland rising up to 626m (2,054ft) above the sea level. It’s similar to the great mountain passes in the Alps, with very tight hairpin bends which switch back and forth up the hillside, with gradients approaching 20%.

Where does the Applecross Pass start?

Loch Kishorn
Some technical details about this magnificent stretch of tarmac…. The pass rises to 2053ft, which is 626 metres, in about five miles, starting from Loch Kishorn. The first stage starts at sea level and goes gradually uphill while you drive south-west and cross the Russel burn (120 mtr).

Is Applecross worth visiting?

Yes, it is well worth it.

What is the highest pass in Scotland?

Cairnwell Pass
Cairnwell Pass (Highland) The Cairnwell Pass is a mountain pass on the A93 road between Glenshee and Braemar. The Cairnwell Pass is the highest main road in the United Kingdom, reaching an altitude of 670m (2199 ft).

What is the nearest town to Applecross?

What are the nearest towns to Applecross?

  • 57m.
  • 58m.
  • 61m. Applecross is 61 miles west of Alness.
  • 64m. Applecross is 64 miles west of Fortrose.
  • 64m. Applecross is 64 miles west of Invergordon.
  • 68m. Applecross is 68 miles west of Cromarty.
  • 70m. Applecross is 70 miles west of Tain.
  • 70m. Applecross is 70 miles north-west of Kingussie.

What is applecross famous for?

Famous for the spectacular drive, Applecross is a remote peninsula in Wester Ross. The name of Applecross is at least 1,300 years old and is not used locally to name the village. They simply call it ‘the street’.

What is there to do between Ullapool and Applecross?

North Coast 500 Highlights from Applecross to Ullapool

  • Shieldaig Village.
  • Red Point Beach (longer detour)
  • Gairloch Village.
  • Inverewe Gardens.
  • Toxic Gruinard Island (quicky stop)
  • Little Loch Broom.
  • Falls of Measach and Corrieshalloch Gorge.
  • Wild Camping Tips for Campervans.

What is the steepest road in Scotland?

Tobermory on the Isle of Mull is best known for its brightly painted waterfront houses, but it also boasts the steepest road in Scotland. Middle Brae tops the list with a gradient of 19.4 per cent.

Is Applecross on the NC500?

So it is no surprise that Applecross is a popular stop for tourists completing the North Coast 500. While many businesses in the village are supportive of the NC500 and the trade it brings in, others feel the impact on the roads – and in particular on the winding Bealach na Bà – is starting to take its toll.

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