What is a good rank in Comedk?

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What is a good rank in Comedk?

COMEDK Expected Marks vs Rank Analysis 2021

Score Range (Out of 180) Rank Range
129-120 801-1700
119-110 1701-3200
109-100 3201-5500
99-90 5501-9700

What is the rank for 60 marks in Comedk?

With the score of 60 in COMEDK UGET 2019, your rank is expected to lie somewhere in the range 21397 – 22686. With this rank, the colleges you can get are: Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore. SDM College Of engineering and technology.

Is 17000 a good rank in Comedk?

You have secured a decent rank (17000) in COMEDK UGET 2019 to get a seat in some good colleges. The colleges where you have a fair chance to admission are: Acharya Institute of Technology – INR 2.38 Lakh. NMAM Institute of Technology – INR 2.38 lakhs.

Is 100 marks good in COMEDK?

The overall marks for the COMEDK exam are 180….COMEDK Marks vs Rank Analysis 2021.

Range of the Rank Score out of 180
1701-3200 119-110
3201-5500 109-100
5501-9700 99-90
9701-14000 89-80

What is the highest marks in COMEDK 2020?

The highest marks were secured by a candidate from Uttar Pradesh at 169 out of 180….what is highest mark in Comedk in 2020.

Score Range (Out of 180) Rank Range
169-160 11-50

Is 120 a good Comedk score?

COMEDK UGET 2021 Rank Predictor will help students to estimate their rank for the entrance exam….COMEDK UGET 2021 Rank Predictor – Engineering.

COMEDK UGET (Marks secured in PCM) COMEDK UGET Rank Predicted
140 – 150 150 – 50
130 – 140 400 – 150
120 – 130 900 – 400

How to check the COMEDK UGET rank list 2021?

COMEDK UGET rank list 2021 will consist of the names of those candidates who have been qualified for the COMEDK counselling process. To check and download the COMEDK UGET rank card, the candidates will have to login using the required credentials.

Can you go to top colleges with COMEDK rank?

However, if you have a rank above 60,000, you don’t need to worry as there are still some good COMEDK colleges where you can take admission with your rank. Even though you cannot get admission to top colleges, you can still study at some good participating institutes.

Which is the date of release of COMEDK result?

COMEDK Result 2019: COMEDK UGET Result 2019 has been released on today i.e. on 27th May 2019. The Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (COMEDK) conducted the COMEDK UGET 2019 for engineering on 12th May 2019.

Which is the highest scoring state in COMEDK 2020?

Given below are the highest scorers in COMEDK 2020. As per the update in Top 100 Ranks, 45 candidates belong to Karnataka while 55 candidates are from other states, and around 1219 candidates have scored more than 70% of marks in the exam. Ques. How will I know about my COMEDK UGET Result 2021?

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