How good is Mercedes Burmester sound system?

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How good is Mercedes Burmester sound system?

According to audio reviewers and customers alike, the Burmester sound system is a great addition to any Mercedes-Benz. The system both sounds and looks great. While pricey, it’s more reasonably priced than many other top-tier luxury vehicle sound systems.

Can I upgrade my Mercedes sound system to Burmester?

A Burmester audio upgrade is available as an optional extra for various ranges and models, including S-Class, C-Class and the super-sporty AMG GT.

What audio system does Mercedes use?

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is available with a handcrafted high-end audio system by Germany’s Burmester. This well-known company has developed a surround-sound system that’s specifically tailored to the E-Class.

Can I upgrade my Mercedes sound system?

If you aren’t happy with the balance or output capabilities of the audio system in your Benz, you can look into upgrading the system with new speakers, high-power amplifiers and a digital signal processor. The Match brand from Audiotec Fischer includes several Mercedes-specific speaker and subwoofer upgrades.

Can you upgrade Mercedes audio system?

What brand speakers does Mercedes use?

The Mercedes‑Benz SLC features ten high-grade loudspeakers, delivering brilliant music quality. The powerful 500 watts Harman Kardon DSP amplifier is equipped with digital DTCP encryption technology that enables audio information to be transmitted without degradation via MOST ® technology.

How to watch Mercedes GLC Burmester sound system?

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Is the Burmester High end sound system worth it?

Comparatively to the one in my last S, it’s definitely an upgrade. The lows are low, mids are tight, and the highs are far from shrill. Overall, I really like it. The measure of a great sound system is when you don’t realize how loud you have the music on, because the clarity is there.

What kind of audio system does Mercedes Benz use?

We test a lot of new car audio systems but the Burmester unit Mercedes uses is one of our favorites. The $1,850 Premium Package includes a Burmester Surround Sound System with 13 speakers, two subwoofers, and a 590-watt nine-channel digital amplifier.

How does the Burmester app work on a car?

It’s a neat touch – the idea is to give you a proper taste of all the different sound modes on offer. It works across all cars offering a Burmester system, from the sporty AMG-GT to the luxury Maybach. Plug your phone into the car’s USB input and the app guides you through each system’s sound profiles.

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