Is Slacker Radio any good?

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Is Slacker Radio any good?

The good Slacker Radio offers powerful Pandora-like radio and more than 200 curated stations. The bottom line With its impressive menu of listening options (particularly for premium subscribers), Slacker Radio is one of the best streaming-music apps on the market.

Is Slacker Radio gone?

Slacker Radio is Slacker Radio no more—mostly. Though the original Slacker Radio streaming music service still exists (at least for now), LiveXLive has its own Slacker-powered site and rebranded Slacker Radio apps for Android, iOS, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, and Roku.

Is Slacker Radio like Pandora?

Slacker Radio Slacker is more like a guide for music enthusiasts, built by enthusiasts, than purely an internet radio service. Much like Pandora, Slacker Radio lets you build or browse stations based on your favorite music. Plus gives you unlimited skips on stations, no ads and offline listening for your stations.

What replaced Slacker?

LiveXLive Media
The streaming music service will merge with the live music network company.

Is Pandora better than Spotify?

Pandora is very similar when it comes to the quality and variety of their curated playlists. While Pandora Stations is much better than Spotify Radio, Spotify makes up for it by having a better discovery algorithm. Whether you prefer the music discovery style of Spotify or Pandora is completely up to preference.

What is the best ad free music app?

Best free music apps: free music on Android and iPhone

  1. Spotify. Still top of the game, though there’s plenty of hi-res competition around.
  2. Amazon Prime Music. The best streaming service you didn’t know you had.
  3. Deezer.
  4. YouTube Music.
  5. TuneIn Radio.
  6. BBC Sounds.
  7. SoundCloud.

Which music streaming service is best?

Best music streaming service for 2021

  • Best music streaming service overall. Spotify. See at Spotify.
  • Best for iPhone users. Apple Music. See at Apple.
  • Best for audiophiles. Tidal. See at Tidal.

Which is cheaper Pandora or Spotify?

Spotify offers a $20 discount with its $99 per year pricing, while a year of Pandora Premium costs more than $10 more, at $109.89. Pandora’s family plan pricing runs you $14.99 per month for 6 accounts, matching Spotify’s plan which offers the same rate.

How can I listen to my friends music for free?

1. JQBX (JU-KE-BOX) App. JQBX is a free music streaming app for iOS and Android that you can use to listen to music with friends or join public rooms.

What’s the quality of Music on Slacker Radio?

Slacker once released a clunky personal radio device, but had to discontinue it as smartphones eventually took over the personal streaming market. Slacker streams music at 128 kbps, which is low compared to the high quality of 320 kbps.

Is there a Slacker Radio app for Android?

Slacker Radio for Android brings excellent streaming music, news, and talk to Google-powered smartphones and tablets. It remains a top service in an increasingly crowded field.

How does Slacker Radio work with LiveXLive?

The revamped LiveXLive combines the company’s live music streams with Slacker Radio’s knowledgeable DJs and deep music well to produce one of the most complete streaming music services on the market today. PCMag editors select and review products independently.

Is there a family plan for Slacker Radio?

No family plan. Lacks lyrics. Some branding confusion. Slacker Radio is Slacker Radio no more—mostly. In early 2017, LiveXLive, a platform focused on delivering live music streams, purchased the Editors’ Choice award-winning Slacker Radio for $50 million.

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